[Sep 15, 2011] The Arena at FNC Shop MVC3 and SF4:AE Tournament #2 (West Islip, NY)

Compete against some of Long Island’s top SF4 and MVC3 players at FNC Shop’s Bi-weekly tournament. Normally featuring - Long Island Joe, Golba, Domingo, Moons and other top competitors.

Games -

Location and Time -
FNC Shop
795 Udall Rd
West Islip NY 11795

Sign ups start at 8PM tournament starts at 9PM.

$5 venue fee $5 per game.
All games on xbox 360.
Best 2 out of 3.
Losers and grand finals best 3 out of 5.
Bring your own joystick - no wireless controllers.
70/20/10 payout****

Stream -
****Stream presented to you by Deadly Bison Entertainment.



Domingo? Never heard of him.

after this you will all know Domingo

I’ll be coming to claim my revenge on you two

Stream will be live from 9pm until tourney ends tonight.

Results to FNC Arena #1


  1. Domingo
  2. Marv
  3. Dennis Parker
  4. LI Joe
  5. Moons
  6. Golba Loves
  7. Chris V
  8. Jtimms
  9. Steve J
  10. Rockztar
  11. Charles
  12. Lex


  1. Capcoms Hero
  2. Haitian Sensation
  3. Eirbin
  4. Matt Fischofer
  5. Gerr
  6. Moons
  7. Lex
  8. Damian
  9. Marv
  10. Steve J
  11. Tombz
  12. Charles
  13. Chris V
  14. Bisonopolis

Link to the stream:

Dam this isnt fair i can never go to these events there always on Xbox and i play on ps3 -___-

Domingo? Never heard of him.

Tournament has been moved to Sept. 15th. We will be streaming again.