[Sep 15, 2012] D-town Beatdown Plano TX (Plano, Texas)


Hey guys, I know we have been promoting AB3, but please don’t forget about D-Town Beatdown. Please come out and join us for beer and games.

We will be running…

SSF4AE (XBOX) 4:30pm
UMVC3 (XBOX) 3:30pm
KOf. (King of fighters) (XBOX) 2pm
TTT2 (PS3) 3pm
Soul CAL (PS3) TBA
VF5 (PS3) tba
Persona 4: Arena (XBOX) 2pm
Mortal Kombat (PS3) TBA

We will have a $100 bonus pot for TTT2!

$5 venue fee and $10 per game. Invite everyone you know!

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Contact reggie if you have any questions. reggie@versusnetplay.com


Remember, 100 bonus for TTT2