[Sep 15, 2012] K.O. : Kansas CIty Onslaught (ep.2) (Kansas City, Missouri, United States)


TreSpot presents KO - KansasCity Onslaught.
September 15th will TreSpot Productions’ second Fighting Game Tournament for the Kansas City area. We have listened to the fans and came up with ways to make the experience even better.

This time we add P4A and TTT2 to the event.

Last time we saw the return of StL to Kansas City as ReX0r and Mr.K handed out many losses within our brackets. Mr.K even took 1st place in SSFiv:AE2012 - Who will defend Kansas City this month? Will another out-of-towner take our throne and our money?

In Marvel we saw Raith NOT CHOKE for the first time and win his first Tournament. How does it feel to win? Can he repeat it?

KOF13 was held down by none other than KC’s Notorious, a strong KOF13 competitor in KC. Will he once again be crowned the King of King of Fighters?


JSPOT vs JESSURUGI - AE FT10 Fight for Freedom

-as always-
TreySpot’s main goal is to grow the beast in every way possible. The plan with this tournament series is to start small but build larger and larger and eventually fuel a MAJOR.

This tournament is open invite.

Expect all of the main stream fighting games to be played.

Expect match recording. If we get data in our spot, then expect streaming.

Casuals welcome. BYOC Bring your own Controller/Console.

ENTRY FEES - Console
Venue Fee - $5
SSF4:AE2012 - $10 - 360 (ps3 possible)
UMVC3 - $10 - 360 (ps3 possible)
KOF13 - $10 - PS3
TTT2 - $5 (maybe 10, depends on Feedback) - PS3
P4A - $5 (maybe 10, depends on Feedback) - PS3

Doors open at 10 am
Registration starts at 11 am
Hope to have tournament started at 1pm

==Tentative Schedule==
KOF13 - 1pm
SSF4:AE2012 - 2pm
Tekken Tag 2 - 4pm
UMvC3 - 5pm
P4a - 6pm

JSPOT vs Jessurugi FT10 will start During SF so that all SF gets done at the same time.

More to come.

[Sep 15, 2012] K.O. : Kansas CIty Onslaught (Kansas City, Missouri, United States)

Had to miss two local tournaments due to prior obligations with friends, but I’ll be at this one.

Chris “FuLLBLeeD” Cunningham aka BlankaWeedLord420, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.


I don’t think the address is right because the google map address leads you to some guys house instead of the proper venue.


Are there any more details available? I have a car full of some guys wanting to come, but we are going to make it a 1 day thing. When do you guys think you will be the start/finish(ballpark) times?

The normal STL crowd will be there, but I’m taking a group of guys that have to work on Sunday, so I’m just going to pop a few NoDose and get my way back after everything shuts down Saturday.


KansasCity ONSLAUGHT ep.2

Tekken Tag 2
Champion: JodiTheGreat
1st Runner Up: Boxy
2nd Runner Up: Andrew Stevens
3rd Runner Up: prodigy

Champion: Rexor
1st Runner Up: SamsonK
2nd Runner Up: Peaceful
3rd Runner Up: HiggsBison

Champion: Rexor
1st Runner Up: Dekline
2nd Runner Up: Belaul
3rd Runner Up: BeeziBop

Champion: Gilgamesh
1st Runner Up: B1argh
2nd Runner Up: Focra
3rd Runner Up: AJ

Champion: FamilyMan
2nd Runner Up: KCs Notorious
3rd Runner Up: Prodigiy

Teams UMVC3
Champion: FuckBitchesGet$$$
1st Runner Up: ButIPoopFromThere
2nd Runner Up: W D P
3rd Runner Up: LaunchPad McQuack