[Sep 16, 2011] (Inland Empire) Perris, CA MvC3 Tournament! (Perris, CA)

Hello folks! It’s time for another MvC3 tournament at the Perris library! This time the tournament will be running with official EVO rules. Warm up matches will start at 11 AM, with the actual tournament starting at noon. There will actually be an entry fee of $5 this time. Here is the basic information

MvC3 Tourney
PS3 Version
Arcade Sticks and pads allowed
EVO Rules enforced

Prizes!: 1st place: 60% of the pot
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

There will also be free play for MvC3, SSFIV AE and SF3: Online Edition.

EDIT: The original date posted was wrong. The current date is the correct one.

Bumping this. TODAY IS THE DAY! Come on down and support the FG community SoCal folks!

Yea, I’m gonna be their to scrub it up LOL! ah well should be fun either way.

so big ups to Anthony Moore a.k.a “Sleez Son” for taking the tournament today