[Sep 17, 2011] 09/17 - Rocket City Rumble - Huntsville, Alabama (Huntsville, Al)


Brought to you by BDP at Insanity Skate Park

We will be running tournaments for MvC3, SSF4:AE, SF3:3SO, MK, Tekken 6, Arcana Hearts 3, Smash Bros, and more!

$10 venue, $10 per tournament

Anyone who pays venue gets entered into a raffle for prizes. There are $100s of dollars of prizes include gift certificates to local establishments, t shirts, and a Madcatz TE Arcade Stick.

Venue opens at noon, tournaments will start at 2:00pm. Directions can be found at http://insanityskate.com/park/contact.html Please do not contact the venue for tournament info, please contact me online.

All games run on 360, except Arcana Hearts on PS3, and Smash Bros on Wii. All tournaments are 2 out of 3 with Winner’s, Loser’s and Grand Finals being 3 out of 5.

BONUS POTS & Payouts:
All games with 16+ entrants will receive a $50 bonus pot.
All games with 32+ entrants will receive a $100 bonus pot.
All games with <16 people will have 70/20/10 payout scheme.
All games with 16+ entrants will have deep payouts.

Insanity Skate Park has a wide variety of concessions on site. Please help support the venue for supporting our scene!


Someone in Troy/Montgomery get at me about carpooling. Don’t feel like making a 4-hour drive solo.

There were quite a few Montgomery peeps at Monthlies in B’ham so hopefully you’re able to hook up with some of them for rides. There will be enough money / quality competition at the tournament to make the drive worthwhile!

Im pretty much in the same boat as 645, If anyone is willing to gimme a ride or shell out a bit for gas money, i wouldn’t mind carpooling, since i live in Tuscaloosa.

Teamwork guys. Macgyver it.

Using a beat up car, barely enough as money, and several people that live within a relatively close distance and might be able to stand each other you must get 2-4 young adult males to Huntsville.!

Gogo Macgyver.

Also, think we can get some BBCS2 up in this?

There will definitely be casuals in BBCS2: I can’t guarantee any tournys though, unless it starts and there’s a lot of interest.

I will guarantee a BBCS2 tournament. I only didn’t put it on the flyer due to space constraints.

Also thus tournament will be well worth the trip so I hope everyone makes it out. Remember, free TE stick!!!

People should play Vampire Savior imo. Might bring that shit myself, PS2 or MAME.

I got a car that’s 3 different colors with no A/C, no power locks/windows, no radio, and a cruise control and brake lights that work roughly half the time.

Let’s fucking go.

Oh, quick question. This tourny going to be streamed? I ask because of the stream url at the top.

Thanks to everyone who came out. With 70+ entrants I think that was a huge success!! We’ll be having another event in 2-3 months and I’ll make sure to post it here!