[Sep 17, 2011] Midwest Hype Tournament (IMBD) (1515 tripp circle madison. wi)

This is a Tournament that will be happening every 5-6 weeks and I would like to ignite some of that midwest energy by having this amazing, awesome, and super spectular tournament at the one and only MADISON WISCONSIN!!! WOOOOO! :woot:

Anyways, the venue is very spacious, there will be places to hang your backpacks, and coats (this is wisconsin) and there will be tons of room to place setups. Location “A” on the map. Go in the front door and up the stairs to your left. If you switch to satellite view, you can see just to the East a huge, free parking lot literally 20 yards from the venue! It’s labeled “Lot 34.”

As for the first time hosting a tournament, the games that will be happening include all the smash games (n64, melee, and brawl) Super street fighter 4, and MvC3. If your interested in seeing the rules for the smash games click on this link: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=305762&page=2

These will be the rules for both MvC3 and Super street fighter 4: NOW PLEASE READ!!! these are subject to change by a Majority of the communitty disagrees with me, or proves a valid point. I’m all ears, let me know whats up.

Venue fee of three dollars will be required but can be waived with a full setup!!! this means a tournament game listed, tv, and system for that game. Please make this easy, we are encouraging as many setups as possible.


I will make sure that the tournaments will be run as smooth as possible, and would like to keep the brackets moving at a decent pace.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Start time- 1pm Double Elimation
Bracket matches will be 3 out of 5. I will make sure that these will be completed well before 11pm, I will keep the brackets moving.
Winner final’s/losers/ and grand finals will be 4 out of 7
Set Format

  1. Players choose characters
  2. First Match is Played
  3. Winner has character lock, Loser may switch/counterpick characters
  4. Continue until set is complete

Player coming from the loser bracket in Grand Finals must win 2 sets in order to win tournament

Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Start time tba (around 4pm)

  1. Sets will be best of three
  2. First player to win two sets wins.
  3. Winner final’s/losers/ and grand finals will consist of first player to win three sets wins

[FONT=arial][SIZE=5]Player coming from the loser bracket in Grand Finals must win 2 sets in order to win tournament.[/FONT][/SIZE]

[FONT=arial][SIZE=5]This will be change later in the week, as nothing is set in stone right now. more tournament games may be added if you guys want to, let me know!!![/FONT][/SIZE]

pretty sure there will be 3-4 people

and you better have smell checks… smash players don’t know what soap and water is most of the time

I know if I go, I’m thinking about taking a spray bottle of Febreeze with me.

ok plz see how many smash players play AE and are willing to enter the tournament then report back here. also see if they’re willing to mm

Sparda: if you nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all.

MaDWaK: lol, this event is for the midwest, even though it has 3 smash games, compare to st4ae and marvel. I still want to get the word out to the midwest. I don’t think any smashers want to play st4ae, (I’ll learn it some day) but I want many st4ae players to come, mm, and have a good time.

Smells like…well…smash players.

yeah ok… then you should have kept your mouth shut when i met you

and don’t be upset with me cuz your community still has to have their mothers take them to tournaments and remind them to use deodorant

This is about what I expected from SRK, gg guys.

umm well ok, Sparda, you will be banned from this tournament, I know the smash communitty does not encourage this kind of behavior, and I’m also sure that Shoryuken doesn’t either, you will not be able to enter in any game.

For St4AE: there’s a couple smash players interested yayyyyyy. I will try to see if the university of wisconsin madison 2d fighter club is interested in entering the tournament. Come on guy’s get hyped!

He wasn’t going anyways.

Maybe you should have made a better first impression. There are consquences for fuckery.

I haven’t met you but I don’t like you already.

I was considering coming to this, but now, not so much.

A drug overdose is more appealing than this at this point.

fuck… i was really looking forward to having my nose offended!

They made a ST4? I didn’t realize there were 3 more sequels to the original ST. Which I consider to be the greatest fighting game of all time IMO.

No MK?

Whose mom is in charge of bringing orange slices?

I’m done with wisconsin, I would like to say that I’m mad or even trolled, but I’m done, my state will fail. This tournament was meant for wisconsin peeps that liked playing street fighter, mvc3, and eventrually for future tournaments we could include mk9, blazblue, etc. and I would be glad to host these. I told you guys in advance that I had plans for this, hopefully we can make this happen. but **** it. For example: ointments believe’s mom’s bring orange slices to tournaments? just wow. Smashers are people that are capable of taking care of themselves??? what???

I’m a college student that is trying to T.O. a tournament for the midwest and try to make sure everyone has a blast. I see that you guys would rather pm to “go to hell,” just again wow and I even LMAO, really.

If the mvc3 tourney just consists of 10 people, I’m going to have fun, if it’s just going to be me and keranata , then I’m still going to have fun, hoping that keranata does too.

Sparda: I said sorry two-three times, I told you that I don’t ever act like that, sorry again. but since you can’t accpt that, then, yea. I’ll ignore any posts from you in the future. If we meet again, don’t talk to me.

If anyone would like to waste my time, please don’t. just stop the bull****.

and Hell Yeah I’m still hosting this. so LETS ROCK!!!


I was just joking dude, the main purpose of my post was to inquire about MK. Calm down for a minute, and remember this is the internet. I’m not trying to discourage you from running a tournament man…go for it, good luck to you.

you don’t act like that normally? all you were doing was talking shit the whole time… it wasn’t just once

but if we do meet again… we can talk about smash and mario party

3 weeks away guys, the venue fee will be used to order pizza from the university, hype. let me know if you guys have any questions.