[Sep 17, 2011] StrikeFirst CO Presents: Quarters Up! - Mvc3/SSF4/MK9/3SOE/T6 (Lakewood, CO)

Where:Lucky Strikes at Belmar
Time: Casuals at 11AM Tournament 12PM
What: Singles tournament, double elimination, all finals 3/5
Games: Mvc3(360), SSF4(360), MK9(pending),T6(ps3), 3s(pending)
Entry:$10 per game entered

Info Page - http://www.extrafresh.net/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=1604&page=1

Stream- www.twitch.tv/strikefirstco

Summer is almost over Payback is around the corner. 5 tournament games 6 hours of whoop-ass. Bring your A game fellas and leave the bitching at home. and 12pm means 12pm sharp if you’re late better get someone to sign you up.

If we get at least 50 players there will be a special prize that someone will win without having to enter any type of raffle so make sure you guys come out and support.