[Sep 2, 2012] SSF4AE Sunday Madness #2 (online)


NoSound Gaming will be hosting another SSF4AE tournament and i was thinking that i shoud advertise it here this time. Since the last tournament was a success we are now hosting a second tournament and if this one goes well too we will start to host these tournaments consistently.

it is an online tournament fastest 8 get to join up, you must have a steam version of the game (correct me if i am wrong, but i don’t think that xbox360 players can join trough internet to games hosted with steam version)

we gave such awesome prices last time that
this time there will be no price except for fame and glory but if this is popular enough (lets say… 6 people joins) then we will be making lots of these tournaments which each has a price :wink: this is sort of a test tournament but non the less you should come and compete and have fun !
here are all the links that you need

join up here: http://www.nosoundgaming.org/index.php?site=cups&action=details&cupID=7

steam group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NoSoundGamingOfficial
facebook: www.facebook.com/nosoundgaming
twitter: www.twitter.com/nosoundgaming
youtube: www.youtube.com/nosoundgaming

Cya @ the tournament :wink: