[Sep 21, 2011] Wednesday Night Xanbats (Baltimore, MD)

Xanadu Games: Baltimore, MD
3921 Vero Rd, Baltimore, MD

Weekly tournaments featuring the best players in MD/VA. THE premier venue in the DMV.

SSF4, MvC3, MK9, GG:AC, CvS2, 3S… it all gets played.

$5 Venue Fee, $5 Tournament Entry Fee

Plenty of set-ups for whatever game, as well as room to bring your own.

To the top!

MD/VA/DC/PA/DE come out for first AE Xanbats.

New game, new names. Hope you all didn’t get too gassed placing in MvC3. Order returns this Wednesday.

Weren’t you the guy bitching about how AE sucks and isn’t balanced and preferred the shitty turtling mess that was SSF4?

Typical scrubby MD/VA hypocrites.

Who the fuck are you?

And SSF4 is clearly more balanced than AE… that doesn’t mean it’s better though. Balance is a metric only shitty players use to measure games.


Now I wonder how in the fuck you would know that AE is less balanced than SSF4? Americans have barely touched the game, are you one of those weaboos who cream themselves over what every japanese player thinks? SSF4 was shitty, it was pretty much dominated by SF2 turtling faggot characters like Rog, Honda, Guile, and Dhalsim, with the occasional rufus/viper/abel. You say it’s balanced, yet Makoto, Dan, Dee Jay, T Hawk, Hakan, Sakura, Claw, Gouken, Gen, Guy, Juri, and Dudley were not tourney viable at all at the highest level. And don’t give me that bullshit about how you think balance does not equal better, I saw you bitching about AE for pages and pages on a recent front page SRK post.

  1. I’ve played AE. :tup:

  2. I never saw Rog or Honda win a major tournament… I only know of one that was won by Guile, and that was Dieminion, who has been rocking Guile since Vanilla, when he was shitty.

Cammy, Fei, Rufus, Abel, Akuma, Viper (and more that I’m forgetting, because I’m really not about to sit here and actually think out a counter argument to some random’s keyboard mashing) did PLENTY well in SSF4. The charge that it’s a turtle game just doesn’t stand up to the fact that offensive characters did just fucking fine in terms of actual results. Just because your offense might be shit, doesn’t mean the game itself was defensively dominated. The reality is that good offense won in SSF4, and good defense won in SSF4. That is just a fact, actually backed by real-world results. Bitch all you want, that’s indisputable, and I don’t know what else you’re supposed to want from a game.

  1. Ok, and for AE, guess what? Dan, Dee Jay, T Hawk, Hakan, Sakura, Claw, Gouken, Gen, Guy, Juri, Dudley, and more still aren’t viable on the highest level. What’s your point? I never said SS4 is completely balanced. I said it’s a game that is very balanced among the characters that matter. There is no runaway #1 character, and that, alone, makes it so that more characters are viable, instead of a situation in which no matter how good a character does against the #2-39 characters, if they lose bad to #1, and #1 is a clear-cut #1, that character becomes loads less effective, just by virtue of the fact that you will see the #1 character a LOT.

In SSF4, if a character lost to Fei Long (who I’m seeing more and more people calling #1 these days) they weren’t completely useless, because Fei wasn’t so dominant that you’re gonna see him 18 times in every tournament. You could go to plenty of tournaments, and see ZERO Fei Long players, even this late in SSF4’s life.

  1. My bitching about AE had to do with the fact that Capcom nerfed a bunch of characters, while giving other characters meaningless buffs. VERY few characters got better in any meaningful way, while a lot of characters were made to be much less effective. I don’t think that was a good decision. I think AE is a worse game for that, overall.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not excited to play it in my own home, and again in tournaments. No matter what Capcom did with SF4, it’s still way better than that MvC3 trash, so the return of SF4 to a position of prominence is welcome, by me.

How about you get off my dick, and stop trying to trace my brainwaves to figure out what I do, or don’t, like, and worry about your damn self.

Rofl @ Claw and Sakura not being viable at highest level, you don’t know what you’re talking about at all. You played AE for what, a weekend? Get the fuck out, we haven’t even had training mode yet.

Ok, this guy’s obviously done.

Everybody come out to Xanbats! :smiley:

Hav, why do you even put yourself through this. Can’t you just ignore them?

Damn HAV you shut these guys down and they still trolling you, very sad best of luck gathering people (shouldn’t be to hard).

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Come on… you know me… you know I’m laughing while typing this stuff.

Xanbats Wednesday… I like me.

Xanadu games… Trolling don’t work around here.

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Chris G is playing Sakura right now on AE’s stream, and raping. And I mentioned how HAV thinks Sakura isn’t viable, and spooky even said nobody should listen to HAV when it comes to character advice, which is exactly what I thought. Man this region sucks, I think I’ll come to one of these xanbats (whatever the fuck that means) and take first when I’m in town.

Hey, so I was chilling, doing what I do, and I mentioned you out of nowhere for some rea… wait a minute…

Again… who the fuck are you?



Choco- Who is easy opponent for Sakura?

Uryo (aka somebody way better than you, me, sp00ky, or Chris G…)- No one. Lots of difficult character matchups (haha)

So… best Sakura in the world… with way more experience fighting at the highest level with her than… um… you… well… never mind…

And I’ve never talked SF4 with sp00ky… ever… so I don’t really know how he has an opinion on my views.

EDIT- Feel free to try to come here and win a tournament though! AE tournaments start Wednesday!!

I thought there was already a thread for this?

Serious trolling going on from some guy who probably isn’t coming out any way.

The good thing about console Super was at least the tiers were unpredictable. This game it’s just so obvious who runs the game because the good characters are just running the game instead of like in Super where they had counters and things were at least interesting in that sense. Long as you pick one of the good characters you’ll have a good time but it’s just another era of boring SFIV mechanics with meh characters. Except we know which characters are going to be winning tournaments most of the time now. Which finds a way to make the game somehow more boring.

It’s still a very competitive game…just not interesting for me. Just doesn’t feel like there’s anything to do or think about compared to other SF games.

I still think MVC3 has a lot more to it then people like to admit, but some people dont like left rights and XF is a bit too good at this point in time. Either way once 3S comes out I’m done with SFIV in general. Just boring.

can’t wait to see unknown’s yun


It’s not that… it’s more some people don’t like having to deal with mix-ups that take 0 effort/risk to set up.

Call assist -> Do move

That’s a legitimate mix-up in MvC3 with a lot of characters. There is often no effort needed to set that up, next to no risk of being hit out of it, a HUGE pay-off for connecting, and no real reward for defending properly.

Some people like that effortless shit… I personally don’t enjoy winning with it, or losing to it. If people like it, more power to them, but trying to just dismiss people’s gripes with MvC3 is a joke. It is clearly a game that is lacking, to a certain type of player.

Yeah all new games have free random shit but they did a good job of fixing some that stuff in SFIV. The mechanics of the game are still really dry to me so I can’t even play it even if it’s competitive. Just feels like there’s nothing to do. Main reason I’m playing MVC3 is because of the 2 big new games it’s more interesting and now it’s more plausible to ditch one new game without messing up the community since there’s 2 of them. Before all the whining people did about SFIV you couldnt’ do anything but whine since that was what you had to play.

MVC3 has its BS but overall I like the fact that a lot of the old school stuff in fighting games is intact. Good throws, actually being able to put people in meaty situations, dont have 93 ways to turn something that you blocked into a complete escape from pressure, more fun for me. Now plus with the re re release of 3S there’s no need to play a crazy variation of SF2 and 3 where there’s nothing to do. Nobody enjoys assist to left right but I’d rather deal with that than press buttons at all in SFIV.

Any ways…see ya’ll on Wednesday with my bro.

Huh? Shitty defense in MvC3 is waaaaay better than shitty defense in SF4.

93 ways to turn something around? That is Marvel 3.