[Sep 23, 2012] 360Gaming TTT2 + UMVC3, London, UK - Sun 23rd Sep (London)



Get ready for London’s first Tekken Tag 2 tournament!!!
After 8 long months since the epic announcement, the most anticipated Tekken game yet is finally upon us!!

Also returning will be the most HYPE fighting game of the moment, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!!! (which has the latest “Heroes and Heralds” update)

With such hype on both fronts, this will truly be an event to remember!!!

We’re expecting a good turnout, so will be very strict on timing (and it’s possible the places might get full if you’re one of the last people arriving).
My advice is to come at 1PM sharp if you want to enter either tournament. If you’re just playing casuals/spectating, you can stroll in anytime (but the earlier you come, the more casual games you get for your money).

Doors open: 1PM
Tournament Registration Ends: 2PM (tourney start 2.30PM)
Entry Fee: £10 for venue entry + 1 tournament, £15 for venue entry + both tournaments, £5 for venue entry + casuals/spectator only. Cash only (unless you sign up online, below).
Prize: Half of the pot goes towards prizes, winner take all!!!
Format: Double Elimination (no groups), 3/5 matches, no character lock but can only change character after losing.
Player Cap: Max 32 entrants for each tournament.
Console: PS3 for Tekken Tag 2, xbox360 for UMVC3

Directions: http://g.co/maps/t3k89
Address: Tooting Tram and Social, 46-48 Mitcham Road, London SW17 9NA, United Kingdom
It’s just round the corner from the tube station (Tooting Broadway, Northern Line, Zone 3), which you can easily get to, from most of London.
Best bet is to follow the above Google Maps link once you come out of the station. Then look for a big black gate between McDonalds and the Gala Bingo Hall.
But give me a shout here if you need any further details/directions.

**Online signups: **
Online signup is optional, but online registrants’ places would be be guaranteed until 2PM (if you arrive after 2pm you may lose your spot) whilst offline registrants may risk places getting full (so I would advise offline registrants to arrive by 1PM). And you get a slight discount online too (£7 per tournament, or £12 for both tournaments).
You can sign up with Paypal on this webpage: http://www.360gaminguk.com/events/
In the Paypal notes, make sure you put your NICKNAME and the GAME(S) you want to enter.

NB: A few of the details on the website/flyer might be incorrect, best to go with the latest details that I’ve posted, or ask. Apologies the UMVC3 flyer wasn’t ready yet.

There is also an Event Page on facebook for this: https://www.facebook.com/events/266534280132368/