[Sep 24, 2011] School is in Session 6: MvC3, Vampires, MK9, Super, Smash Bros. +... (Cincinnati, Oh)


Hello, everyone! My name is Day; I have been running tournaments for two years now and I currently host them at an arcade called Arcade Legacy:
http://arcadelegacy.wordpress.com/ The same arcade that brought you PowerUp!
I’m here to bring you tons of fun and events!

School is in Session is a tournament series that runs money for charities and other gaming events.

This IS a two day event but not required.
It is $10.00 Venue fee which allows you access to the arcade and play UNLIMITED arcade gaming for TWO complete days. It’s an AMAZING deal!

There will be raffles, poster giveaways (want a sexy Chun-Li poster, or a best friends poster), and tons of baked goodies made by some lovely ladies!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 $5.00 Each
Super Street Fighter IV $5.00 Each
Mortal Kombat 9 $5.00 Each
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Singles and Doubles $10.00 Each
Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles and Doubles $10.00 Each
Brawl Minus $3.00 Each

Other possible tournaments:
Third Strike

Times and Date:
September 24th and 25th
10:30 AM Registration Will Be Open
11:30 Closing off Registration to start on bracket/pools. Meaning, if you plan on entering MvC33/MK/Super/Brawl Doubles BE IN BEFORE 11:30! Other events will begin later in the day.
You are free to stay at the arcade until it closes (probably around 1-3am).

Time: 99 Count
Best 2 out of 3 Fights
Finals: 3 out of 5

The rules for Mortal Kombat are as follows:

Freddy is banned until further notice. He must be patched in order to be playable.

Kratos is banned. This is a permanent action unless he ever becomes available for Xbox.

All other DLC characters ARE allowed.

Unlockable and DLC costumes are NOT allowed until further notice. There has been dispute over changes in character properties per costume so in order to prevent any issues, only default costumes shall be chosen.

Rules: Winner must keep same starting character, but can switch the order of assists.

Super Street Fighter:
Winners stay as their originally selected character, however can change their ultra move.
Losers can change character and ultra move in the following game.

Facebook event:

Smashboards event:

This IS a regional event. Therefore: Over 100+ players for different events. I can’t keep an eye out on everyone, so be sure to be on time otherwise you will be DQ’d.

Steam links will be up soon!

Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, and Northern Kentucky: I have the best Wesker!

I have a question: with the event being two days, will there be, for example, a tournament for each game on each day? Or will the tournaments begin on Saturday and finish Sunday, or will Sunday just be a free day where any tournaments can finish up from Saturday. I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what the event’s schedule is.

Only reason I ask is because I’m interested in attending, though unsure if it’s a sure thing or not. I’d like to make sure I understand exactly what the schedule of games is : )

Many thanks!