[Sep 24, 2011] [September 24, 2011] USC Game On 2 Ft. MVC3, SSF4:AE, & Melee... (Los Angeles, CA)

The USC Gamers Network in association with USC Information Technology Programming, Primetime Gamers, and Nos Energy Drinks presents: Game On 2!

Link to Event: http://tinyurl.com/gameon2

Game On 2 will be a one day tournament held on the University of Southern California campus and will feature Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Super Smash Bros. Melee.


Saturday, September 24 from 12pm – 8pm


USC Ronald Tutor Campus Center Room 450, The Forum
3607 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Room 450 is located on the fourth floor of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center near the center of the USC Campus.


There is free street parking in the neighborhoods around USC, or you can pay $8 to park for the day in Parking Structure X on campus.

$8 in Parking Structure X (Figueroa Street & McCarthy Way)

Directions to Campus Center: http://tinyurl.com/uscparking
Directions to The Forum (TCC 450): http://tinyurl.com/forumdirections


USC has a strict no-gambling rule, and they consider a tournament like this gambling if it involves money. As a result, we can’t charge a normal tournament entry fee that pools into a pot.

Instead, we are only charging a small $5 venue fee, and from there you can enter any of the 3 tournaments (MvC3, SSF4: AE, Melee) for free. You can choose to enter as many as you want, it’s up to you. If you are a USC student and have your USC ID, we will waive the venue fee.

If you bring a setup for Marvel 3 or SSF4:AE (games, hard drive and all current patches, unlockable characters and game files) AND WE USE YOUR SETUP, we will waive your venue fee. We already have the necessary monitors and consoles (sans game data). If you bring part of a setup (i.e. Only a hard drive or game) AND WE USE IT, we will take $2 off of your venue fee.

We will do the same for Smash Bros but on if you bring a FULL setup (non-laggy TV, console and game). If you bring part of a setup (i.e. Only a non-laggy TV, console, or game) AND WE USE IT, we will take $2 off of your venue fee.

Please PM me and let me know if you are bringing a setup, the more the merrier.


USC ITP has been kind enough to sponsor prizes for this event, as we cannot have a cash pot prize. ITP will be providing $75 Visa Cards (which is basically the same as cash) for 1st place in each tournament as well as $50 visa cards for 2nd place in each tournament. Nos will also be giving a consolation prize for 3rd place in addition to free giveaways during the event.

If we could just do this tournament normally and give the winners cash from the pot we would, but USC is strict on their no gambling policy. That being said, if any of you want to do money matches, be discrete about it so that the TO’s don’t get in trouble.


12:00 pm – Doors open, registration begins. Please be there on time, it’s not like this tournament is starting early in the morning.
1:00 pm – Melee tournament begins
1:30 pm – SSF4 tournament begins
2:00 pm – MvC3 tournament begins

We will only be having singles tournaments.

Once each tournament starts, registration will be CLOSED. This means that if you show up at 1:01, you won’t be able to register. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME!


Rules for all three games can be found here: http://tiny.cc/GAMEON2RULESET


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at shabazz@usc.edu

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Special thanks to our sponsors:

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