[Sep 25, 2011] mvc3, ssf4 ae, mk9 tournaments (modesto, ca)

tournament is gonna be held at the gamers network 1801 H street suite D1 Modesto, CA

possible live stream and commentary at this event

same as always all games will be best 2 out of 3 games finals are best 3 out of 5 double elimination
$10 entry and $6 goes to the pot the other $4 foes to the gamers network
pot will be split 70/20/10
all games will be played on ps3 platforms don’t forget to bring your own controllers / joysticks!!
sign ups will start at 11:30 tournament will start at 12:30
for more info on this event message us here or text 559-201-8050
you can also sign up on our website to stay up to date on all our tournaments and events

http://cvfsu.webs.com/ click on image below for site

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Venue fee seems a bit much - can you guys bring it down a bit?

i wish we could the gamers network set the price. most of cvfsu is from merced and have to travel an hour to a tournament they are putting together. trying to expand the community and cvfsu as a team. if you can find a better location so we can lower the cost please let us know we are always willing to help the cause

Understood. I’m not from the area (I’m from Sacramento), but if you want to look for other venues, I suggest pitching the idea to decent-sized places that either already cater to tournament settings (eg, comic shops) or sell food/drink items (eg locally owned coffee shops). Places like the latter that have slow days get business from your players from food and drink sales + whatever venue fee is agreed upon, so consider that too when you pitch it to them. In my opinion, $2-3 venue fee is fair for either of these types of places.

Thanks for replying and I hope you guys have a successful tournament.

i agree but for now thats what i have to work with. we are looking into our own spot so we can lower the fee

The only other place in Modesto that would really be reasonable to attempt to use as a venue would probably be Krier’s I think. And then people would need to bring in set ups, as opposed to using the shops. I’ll probably make it out for this, for Marvel at least.

yeah kriers isn’t bad at all. use to go to magic tournaments there. yeah im part of cvfsu and brought up the venue price since i personally thought 40 percent was a bit much since we might have to supply some of the equipment but what’s done is done. im probably going to go and help with the tournament…reason i want to is for a review about the gamer’s network…i wanna see if it’s the shitty place ppl have claimed it was. not messy but obviously a place that overcharges for the dumbest shit ever…10 dollar a night for unlimited time gaming at a place that isn’t established in the FGC? yeah…

might have live stream and commentary at this event