[Sep 26, 2012] STLBW 2.0 | AmazE Vol #2 & DOA 5 Day 1 Release Night! (Saint Louis, MO)


We have quite the Wednesday event planned for you all this week as not only do we have AmazE Vol 2 cracking for the AE people, we have another Day 1 release tourney, and seriously, who DOESN’T want to play DOA 5 for free for one night, right? The boobdown, er… beatdown WILL have a stream, so be sure to tune in on Twitch.TV. Other than that, standard operating procedure as we count down to SEASON’S BEATINGS this weekend! Good luck all of STL/KC and the rest of the Midwest!

*2v2 rules - Entry fee will be $10 per team and the tourney will be run in an AvsA/BvsB format. Teams will designate who their A is and who their B is upon entry.

Here is an example of how a match will go: A from Team 1 will play A from Team 2 in a 2/3 set, then both B players will play in a 2/3 set. If A from Team 1 wins his/her match and B from Team 2 wins his/hers, then A and B will fight in a 2/3 set.

Which ever team wins that set wins the match.


Doors @ 6:30pm
Registration @ 7:30pm
Final Call @ 8:00pm

8:00 PM - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 2v2 [$10/team]
9:00 PM - Dead or Alive 5 [FREE]

The $5 venue fee IS in effect. Bring setups to avoid it.

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Dead or Alive 5 Fans: Day 1 Stream tonight!