[Sep 27, 2012] FGC Bergen Norway Ranbats! (Bergen, Hordaland , 5015)



Fighting Game Community Bergen is having monthly ranbats at the public library! We currently having ranbats every month in Tekken 6 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Depending on the success of the comming events this will turn into every two weeks, and with more games.

We hope that you will be able to join the fun every last thursday of the month from 18:00 to 22:00. Ranbats starts at 20:00 - so there will be casuals from 18 to 20, and after the ranbat is finished.

If you live in Bergen Norway and want to just come and check out the scene as well, thats also totally fine! The more the merrier! If you want ranbats in another game, just come and talk to me about it at the ranbat and we’ll see what we can do ^^

Hope to see someone here at a ranbat! :smiley:


This thursday, thursday 30th, we are going to say goodbye to Tekken 6 with our last turney in this game before TTT2 comes out. So come on out! :smiley:


Last thursday of september we will have a Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 turnament. We will also have setups with Tekken Tag Turnament 2 in celebration of its release. Hope someone wants to join! :smiley:


Tonight there will be casuals at my place to test the stream that we will be using at the turnament :smiley: tune in on www.twitch.tv/fgcbergen from 18:30 GMT +1 (about 10 hours from now)