[Sep 27, 2012] FNC The Arena: UMVC3 and all other fighting games (W. Babylon NY)


SFXTekken, UMVC3 Live stream!

Casuals/Tournaments every Thursday at 9PM Feat. best from Long Island New York: LI Joe, Marvisto, Golba, Predator, Mo0ns, Bisonopolis and many more


This Thursday 03/15/12 DBE will be filming for “Got Beef” Long Island grudge matches. Check out the stream!




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SFxT will be 2v2 format no gems of course


Unfortunately no stream tonight but good news is a lot of city heads are coming by. Come down, have fun, get wrecked by LI.


What systems do you guys use for your tournaments ?


Soulgear: we normally use XBOX.

AS for tonights stream Got Beef matchup is TBD, (a lot of beef currently on Long Island.)
Hopefully well get some Skull Girls on stream as well.


FNC The Arena 9PM EST. Last weeks session was awesome, even busted out some third strike. Probably lots of Skull Girls tonight, if you cant make it check it out.


Tonight Long Island Joe is going to have some of the West Coast guys coming down for his stream. DBE is not going to be streaming from FNC tonight. We might do a little N64 No Mercy on www.twitch.tv/deadly_bison as a pre-game show for the LI Joe stream but at 10PM we will be tuning in to twitcht.tv/thisislijoe


Should be a big turnout tonight at The Arena, if you can’t make it check it out!


FNC tonight at 9PM est, expect fists being thrown over all these new TAC infinites discovered in UMVC3.


We will be streaming from Fnc tonight! Tuesday at 9pm, see you there. Long islands last chance to practice before evo.


9PM EST tonight FNC the Arena, bear with us trying a new set up.


Tune in bitches!


100 BISON BUCKS money match on the line tonight UMVC3 Play-doh vs Insult to Injury in a first to 10! GET HYPE!


Just to clarify 100 BISON BUCKS= $100 U.S. Currency Legal tender


That was a great match. Had Insult not dropped so many combos, it would’ve been closer. It was pretty hype!!!


FNC Tonight 9PM EST! Domingo vs. Insult to Injury 50 Bison Bucks on the line!


The Arena has moved to a bigger and better venue! 983 Little East Neck rd. W. Babylon NY 11704. Tonight Playdoh and Insult to Injury play for a chance at the Marvel Versus Capcom Universe Championship! Also we will have a 3v3 team arena vs emp+special guest. If you live in the area don’t miss out, if not check out the stream. www.twitch.tv/deadly_bison