[Sep 28, 2012] Season's Beatings: Ascension-SF4/MvC3 $5k each minimum (Cleveland, Ohio 44131)


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**Season’s Beatings: The Mecca of Marvel and Origin of Brokentier IFC Yipes’ “IT’S MAHVEL BABY!” **Now in our sixth year of All-Star players and Dream-Team Special Events, for 2012, Godlike Entertainment - Chris Hatala (Ghaleon) and Harmon Tam (nomrah) – brings you Season’s Beatings: Ascension, featuring:

*U.S. vs. The World (Marvel vs. Capcom 3, 5-on-5 Special Exhibition)
*FGC “All-Star” roster of tournament talent and star power, across all games
*Special events and guests as we confirm them
*Free Season’s Beatings shirt and SBa dogtag for paid competitors
*Giant tournament and casuals areas
*Cleveland hotspots to eat and drink

Pre-Registeration is LIVE at godlike-entertainment.com ! Registering on-site on tournament weekend means NO free shirt and HIGHER venue fee, so please pre-reg! We’re saving you $$ and rewarding you for it!

IT HAS BEGUN: A new chapter opens in FGC history as we rise from the ashes of our beginnings and ascend to stratospheric heights, with a new venue and more epic events.

Stream Graphics/SB Imagery by Seth Mussey – since 2010!

“Kumite is for the fighters, not the people who read newspapers.” – Frank W. Dux, Bloodsport

Despite the upgrades, we remain rooted in what we’ve always valued: a tournament. It’s a kumite starring everyone, from traveled world warriors to local living room champions, all traveling to Ohio to witness and be a part of history and to show their competitor’s heart.

SB will never be about carnival gimmicks, pats on the back or photo opportunities for ourselves. Since 2006, we’ve simply strived to bring you the one of the world’s best arenas to square off against friends and rivals alike, alongside godlike special events and an unmatched atmosphere. And as long as you enjoy it, we’ll keep doing it. Now, prepare to FIGHT!

Twitter: @gdlkEnt(event hashtag: #SBa)
YouTube:SeasonsBeatingsGDLK (relive SB’s greatest hits from FGC All-Stars like MCZ Daigo, WW.MCZ Infiltration, WW.MCZ Laugh, Poongko, Uryo, EG Momochi, EG Choco, MCZ Tokido, MCZ Mago, CoL.CC Filipino Champ, PR Balrog, EG Justin Wong. BT IFC Yipes, Flocker, and so many more)

Wish to have your organization featured on-site or in front of a millions-strong viewership?

**Contact us at **askgodlike@gmail.com

When and Where:

Friday, Sept. 28, through Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012

Holiday Inn – Cleveland (S. Independence)
6001 Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio 44131
**$89/night – Book onlinehere (room block secured) **or call: 1.800.315.2621

With Season’s Beatings through the years, we watched uncountable legendary moments transpire at our famous venue, Momo2. From our Undisputed Heavyweight Marvel vs. Capcom 2 showdowns, to the Daigo-in-Ohio invasions of 2009 and 2010, to last year’s creative and unprecedented Good vs. Evil Phoenix 5v5 at SB:Velocity, we (so many SB participants) have built a lifetime’s worth of memories at that beloved, unique venue.

Unfortunately, as of 2012, Godlike Entertainment must look to the future as Momo2 announced its closing as of August. Momo2 gave us an amazing six years; it was synonymous with our event.

But the heart of SB is YOU, the players who travel from around the world to experience the riotous, uberhype SB atmosphere, and the way we run our event will not change. We’ll miss our old home, but we look forward to bringing you the SB experience with upgraded surroundings:

*8,500 sq. feet of space
*In-venue food and adult beverage lounge, open until 2 a.m.
*Across the street from some of a major U.S. city’s mostfamous andhottest hangouts, offering award-winning sandwiches and hundreds of beers, even with on-request shuttle service to drive you back to your hotel.
*Indoor pool, sauna

How much?
For competitors: $35 +additional cost per game, pre-registration/pre-payment only

FREE SEASON’S BEATINGS T-SHIRT AND SBa DOGTAG for pre-registering as a competitor! Why? Because SB is and will always be a tournament, featuring the world’s best and hungriest talent, and we want to and reward everyone for supporting us and the FGC, from Justin Wong to Johnny Donuts.

**For spectators: **$20 enables to watch tournament matches and play casuals. The shirt will not be available for purchase; man up, play your favorite game(s), be a part of SB history!

We would love to host media!
Please contact us at askgodlike@gmail.com for details.

Schedule and Official Games List:

Friday afternoon pools:
–Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360) **-- **$20
–Soul Calibur V (Playstation 3) – $10
–Persona 4 Arena (PS3) – $10

Saturday pools:
–Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Ed. ver. 2012 (Xbox 360) – $20
**–King of Fighters XIII **( Xbox 360 ) – $10
**–Mortal Kombat 9 **(Playstation 3) – $20
–Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Playstation 3) – $10
–Dead of Alive 5 (Xbox 360) – $10
**–Super Street Fighter II Turbo **(Arcade Head-to-Head or Supergun) – $20

Sunday: Finals!

All official HD tournament games will run on Asus monitors.
Evo standard rules across all games (including no wireless pads w/o a USB dongle). Also:
-MvC3: 3/5 matches throughout, 4/7 for Grand Finals.
**-SCV: ** 3/5 rounds per match, 3 matches wins to advance
TTT2: 3/5 rounds per match, 2 matches wins to advance
-Super Turbo: 3/5 matches throughout, 4/7 for Grand Finals.

Confirmed side games:
**–Marvel vs. Capcom 2 **(Dreamcast)
**–Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike **(Arcade board w/Supergun, Sanwa sticks)
**–Capcom vs. SNK 2 **(Playstation 2)
**–Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 2 **(Playstation 2)
–Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade board w/Supergun, Sanwa sticks)

ALL side games or Unofficial Team Tournaments are NOT GUARANTEED to finish in the kumite area. As a Tournament Organizer you will be responsible for the players MONEY and relocation (hotel rooms being an option) of these tournaments – MAIN games take priority due to time or resources. We have very little leeway in scheduling.

Many, many more details to come, regarding media, production, online content, and top guests in all games. We look forward to directly engaging YOU, the players spending hard-earned money to come to our event!

For now, post up or contact Chris or Harmon through email (askgodlike@gmail.com), PM, Facebook page, or Twitter (@gdlkEnt) with questions/feedback/advice. SRK PM is NOT the most efficient way to get ahold of us because of how quickly our inboxes fill!

Thank you for supporting Season’s Beatings year after year and keeping it one of the world’s largest – and still grassroots – Fighting-Game Community events.

Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment
Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment
Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment
Upcoming tournaments, Super Turbo is back!
UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?
SFxT General Discussion Thread rev.B

Holy fucking shit, my body is not ready.


3s as a main or side tournament?

Skullgirls as a main or side tournament?

Too fucking hype. Good shit Chris and company!!!


damn, a road trip for SB? :’(


in ittttttttttt




Yeah I def want Skullgirls repped! The devs were very cool to us for SBvelocity, I will talk with them this week!
Ohio used to be Tekken county, we’re excited to bring that back.
We will have LOTS of space, so Patrick if you want to help get 3s run and organized we will help make that happen! Like how we did SBvelocity wristbands last year just for Top 32 placers and VIPs/Volunteers, we want to do something again for everyone who helps make SBa a success!



Also Skullgirls pls ;_;


I am in there like swimwear.


Time to crowd monster, once again.


team 4 loko is in there


Alright cool. So in classic Seasons Beatings 3s fashion who’s trying to get in on a 3v3 event? (360)

Let me see that interest!


As long as there are no graveyards nearby I’m there.

–Jay Snyder


Yeah that just added 2 hours to my trip too Tim. I do like the fact that the tournament is in the hotel so I can go to the room after Josh plays. :wink:

Oh and Chris I know Josh is going to be very happy that AE is on 360. :tup:


persona 4a?


I need to put in some work and find out Atlus’ plans for P4A. I know the game is getting some hype so we’ll see. I can say for sure that anyone who wants a P4A tournament, it will happen at SB and it will be serious. But I will def need help from the fans to make it happen! But yeah we will decide in the next few weeks if it’s something we want to add officially and take pre-reg $$ for.

If not then yeah we will help organize the side tournament for it as long as someone will take care of running the brackets – we have lots of space this year!


You know I’ll be there! XD

(If you’ll have me, that is… Even if there are no carnival games. I love carnival games.)


No MvC2? Somebody should run a side tournament, I’ll help however I can.


RIP Momo2 :sad:

Is there a Caine’s nearby?


Hey! I really hope P4U is there. The midwest needs some support for anime games.