[Sep 29, 2012] ! Our Battleground Tournament Presents....Street Fighter IV AE... (Emeryville, CA)


Dear Shoryuken Community,

I’m excited to announce that Our Battleground Tournaments will be throwing a **STREET FIGHTER IV AE **Tournament on September 29, 2012 at California Pizza Kitchen (C.P.K.) in Emeryville next to the AMC Theater. Entry for the tournament is $14.00; $10.00 goes toward the pot and $4.00 to the venue. Tournament will be at 12:30PM, so be sure to arrive early enough to get registered. I encourage you to pre-register to reserve your slot and slices of pizza (First 30 Participants) on our website **ourbattleground.com **or through PayPal (Call 1-888-539-2929 for more information about paying through PayPal)".

Tournament STARTS at 12:30PM

-Matches will be Best 2/3
-Double Elimination.
-Bring your own fight sticks.
-Non-sportsmanship behavior will not be tolerated.
-All contestants will be provided wristbands and must have them visible.

-Challonge brackets will be used.
-Players will be randomly placed into brackets.

Jackpot will be split 70/20/10 to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd respectively.

*Free Play will be between the registration time and start of the tournament, so feel free to come early and warm up.
*First 30 Participants will be provided 2 slices of pizza from C.P.K.
*If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

We encourage all gamers to come out and give a good fight in SFIVAE to have fun and win some CASH!!!


come see me.


Damn, I thought the tourney was this Sunday. We all went down CPK today, all eight of us. The manger said we missed it. Didn’t realize it was this passed Saturday. What happen ? How was it?