[Sep 3, 2011] *Canceled Cajun Strike I at My PC Tech (AE, MVC3, 3S) (Lake Charles, LA)


Canceled due to Tropical Storm Lee

$5 Venue Fee
(Venue fee goes straight to My PC Tech, $2 an hour usually)

$3 Entry Fee (AE)
TBD (3S)

All tournaments start at 3:30 PM

Bracket updated here: http://lasrk.challonge.com/
Going to attempt a stream at twitch.tv/cajunstrike

-Winnings are split 70/30
-Double Elimination Bracket
-ALL matches between players are a set of two out of three games, with the exception of Grand Finals (3 out of 5)

-Wireless controllers are prohibited. This is due to syncing up with other systems and potentially pausing the players’ match next to you. This also makes switching controllers much faster.

-Pausing intentionally during a match is grounds for a disqualification/loss of that* GAME*.

In-game specific rules:
-Winner must keep the same team/assist types (MvC3)
-Winner must keep same character, may change ultra (SSF4:AE/3S)
-Blanka Alt. Costume 3 is banned. (SSF4:AE)

Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep



No, it’s the name of the event.