[Sep 3, 2011] Final Round Arcade Tourney #1 (Miami, FL)

Tournament run by Final Round Arcade Staff

Facebook - facebook.com/finalroundarcade
Twitter - twitter.com/FRArcade
Youtube – youtube.com/frarcade
Donations - tinyurl.com/donateFRA
Stream** - **justin.tv/finalroundarcade

Door Fees:
· $5 for all day casuals.

Games and Fees:
· Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Singles 5:00 P.M,
o $10 to enter tournament.
o 2/3 rules for bracket play
o 3/5 for Winner’s Finals
o 3/5 for Loser’s Finals
o 3/5 for Grand Finals

· Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Teams - 3:00 P.M.
o $5 per player, $10 per team
o Last team standing
§ Player A vs Player A
§ Winning team Player A plays losing teams Player B and so on.
o 1 match during bracket play.
o 2/3 for Winner’s Finals
o 2/3 for Loser’s Finals
o 2/3 for Grand Finals

· Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles 1:00 P.M
o $10 to enter tournament.
o 2/3 rules for bracket play
o 3/5 for Winner’s Finals
o 3/5 for Loser’s Finals
o 3/5 for Grand Finals

If you have any questions feel free to post them and we will update you as soon as we can.

What time does MvC3 actually start?

Angel will be running

Marvel at 1

AE Teams at 3 and AE at 5.

Marvel is after super singles?

What if I just want to show up and harass you, Alex? :smiley:

Uhhh hi

Hey Alex
the ea mma rules are as follows:

Being as Yuke’s was at Evo and is interested in having their new game at Evo 2012.We are throwing to my knowledge the first ever offline mma fighting game tournament as a side tourney.

2.00 dollars for the pot per entrant and the entrant be required to pay the venue fee of course.

Weight Class:Middleweight
Double elimination
Japanese rules:
Which means soccer kicks and knees to grounded opponents.:rock:
A 10 minute first round followed by a 5 minute last but since it is japanese rules the matches tend to be alot quicker since a knockdown means a soccer kick to the face.
Matches will take place in the Japan boxing ring ala Pride.
All tourney matches will be 2 out of 3 including Winner’s,Loser’s, and Grand Finals.
You win you keep the same fighter.
If you lose you may choose another fighter.
In the event of a decision the match will be replayed.

aww man, i work till 5 =/ next one ill go. been dying to check out the tourney scene and see how i do!

I don’t get it. So are you going to do Teams for super first at 1? Can you change the time to specify the correct estimated start times for the tournaments?

If you read it says teams at 5.

I gotta work.

Word. Love tournaments there.

That was before I updated the thread. You saw the times. Just show yo if your going to show.

ill be there for SF teams and Singles

When you had posted that it still had SSF4 starting at 1pm. There was no update to the original post like there is now.

I got a BBQ in the morning, I’ll see if I can get out early but 5 is still kinda early.

holy shit a bbq from the morning to past 5pm? better be a inside BBq cuase its gonna rain tommorow


Number. ONE!!!