[Sep 3, 2011] ***UCC*** Proving Grounds: So it begins... - (Killeen, TX)

The first tournament of the next UCC season is here!
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter IV
Mortal Kombat 9

PlayStation® 3 - MvC3, MK9
Xbox 360? - SSFIV

28 setups! Panasonic [TC -L22X2]
Specs here: TC-L22X2 - All VIERA® Flat-Panel HDTVs - Shop and Compare at Panasonic

Entry Fee:
$10 per game

Venue Fee:
$10 ($5 with a copy of MvC3, SSFIV, or MK9 for their respective system)

Venue Rules:

  1. Respect the venue, equipment, staff, customers, and other players.
  2. Keep the profanity and vulgar language to a minimum. Kids will be around playing their CoD/Halo/etc…
  3. Don’t act stupid. Simple enough, right?

Game Rules:

  1. Default settings (Time, handicap, random select background, etc)
  2. Double Elimination. If you lost your first game, stick around because you are still in! … except you’ll be placed in the ‘losers’ bracket.
  3. Best 2 out of 3 games.
  4. Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals will all be best 3 out of 5 games.
  5. In the event off a draw game by either a Double K.O. or Time, the game will be replayed and will not count as a win for either opponents.
  6. Winner must keep the same team and order unless they lose the following game, then they may change their team and/or order of their team.
  7. Loser may change their team and/or order of t heir team.
  8. No game breaking bugs/glitches are allowed (duh) and will result in an automatic DQ.
  9. No collusion will be tolerated and if suspected, you will forfeit any winnings that you may earn at the discretion of the TO.
  10. Button mapping is allowed.
  11. No unsportsmanlike conduct.
  12. BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) KTB nor Proving Grounds will not be providing controllers.

UCC points will be distributed to the winners at (1) point per 8 entries. The more entrants, the more points you earn if you place 1st, 2nd, 3rd… and will go toward seeding for the next UCC Championships.

If you are going to be over half an hour late, call one of the Tournament Directors immediately AND leave a text message (if capable)

Rodolfo ‘Rotendo’ (619) 453 - nine four eight zero
Steve ‘iHiryu’ (254) 247 - five one one nine


Also there is a Pizza/Gyro spot next door for food and a Hookah Lounge on the other side for the 18 and up to chill while waiting for there match.

Tightness. Can’t wait get hype on the 18th!

Well, used to be pizza/gyro spot… =[

Yeah… can’t believe his wife took the money and bounced… anyway… we’ll order food or something… or even have a BBQ instead.

Gonna head out there! :slight_smile:

Sweet it’s coming!


lets see if I can find a last minute carpool to this

Hope you can make it down.


28 setups! Panasonic [TC -L22X2]

Never played on those. I’m assuming lagless right?

Honestly, there is slight lag in them, but everyone was able to adapt in casuals, this is our third UCC here and we haven’t had complaints about it, not to my knowledge anyway

You can ask Jan or Stone. They’re playable :tup:


John (owner) is currently in the works of switching them out for Asus, but that takes time and money, so it’ll be like 2 at a time, because PG is fairly new and all the equipment is new. So having just investing in monitors, he’ll trying to see about selling a couple monitors first in order to get the Asus. For now, these are fine. There is a large FPS community too and you don’t hear much complaining from them on monitors, lol.

Hmm… I guess it saved it as June 25 as oppose to the 18th… no stream today folks. Technical error. (I swear I picked the 18th!) Eh, mouse cursor was probably in between.


Good luck guys! Damn I was looking forward to seeing steve get exposed on stream lol