[Sep 30, 2012] Soul Arena Battle Ranking #1 - SCV SCIV VF5FS (75020 Paris)



The holiday was long but Soul Arena is back!
After the excitement of the summer: EVO, SBO, MLG and EBO now is the time for the resumption of battle rankings.
Like the good old days, Soul Arena offers multi-game battle rankings throughout the year.

This year the game in competition will be :

  • Soul Calibur V
  • Soul Calibur IV
  • VirtuaFighter 5 FinalShodown
    and depending on the application and the abundance SoulCalibur II!

Some notes:
And a classification will be updated for each game throughout the year.
If the number of participants in a game competition fall below the 16 participants, the game may disappear from the list of games in the competition.
It is not excluded that other games appear in the list of games in the competition.

September 30 is the date of the first ranking, the first clash for victory.

For more informations : http://soulcalibur.fr/index.php?threads/30-sep-2012-soul-arena-ranking-battle-1-75020-paris.13665/

Contact us : @hazuSC, @SoulCaliburFR