[Sep 4, 2011] Souper Bowl Tournament: Labor Day Weekend! (Lowell, MA)

Thinking of going, but wondering if anyone who live near Quincy give me a ride to this? I could pay gas and provide a Ps3. Probably will only enter 3sO since it’s the only game I really play. Haven’t touched Sf4 in over a year.

I know Freddy is broken, very very OP. Not like infinite combo broken, but far and away better than the cast. He’s almost universally banned from what I can tell.

Unlockable and dlc costumes on the other hand, i have no idea.

I think fireballs will go through freddy completely sometimes and certain combos don’t work with certain people using certain costumes or something like that. I don’t play MK, but thats just some of the stuff i’ve heard.

Hope you can make it out! Unfortunately, we run on XBOX and the only tournament that is on PS3 is MK9 since it’s preferred. So no worries about that PS3 because we most likely won’t put it to any use.

but I do hope you can make it down for some 3S

Freddy isn’t banned because he’s overpowered. He’s banned because the character is bugged. Projectile attacks occasionally glitch through him. That said, he’s also overpowered.

DLC costumes are banned because, again, they’re bugged. They are in effect completely different characters from the non DLC costumes and as a result any balance changes made in patches don’t apply to them. This is particularly problematic for Cyrax and Smoke.

I’m pretty sure mike and I (the vermonters from a few months ago) will be able to come this time. We’ve seriously leveled up our game too.

Also we can bring setups! 2 altogether, I think.

What time should we run MK9, Tom? It would help to have a set time for those who are coming just (or mostly) for that game.

Nice! See you there.

I can bring an Xbox 360 for AE or Marvel.

any ppl from RI going? hit me up trying to ride up will throw gas money :slight_smile:

I can bring a 360 w/3so/AE/MvC3 and an evo monitor

anyone here know how to photoshop really well? need some new artwork for my stick

Entirely up to you guys.

I’ll prob be showing up for 3soe.

Im going, warwick here

Ah gots works! Nyoo!!

So, go figure, we made plans to come down, set the whole day aside… but now we can’t go since mike’s car has some issues!! Very disappointing… we will definitely be there next month though!