[Sep 4, 2011] Souper Bowl Tournament: Labor Day Weekend! (Lowell, MA)




[LEFT]Opting not to have a Souper Bowl Tournament for August between Summerjam and other MA tournaments coming up. I hope Sunday of Labor Day weekend works for everyone! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Last SB it was MVC3 3v3 Teams, this SB it is SSFIV:AE 3v3 Teams! Get together![/LEFT]
[LEFT]MK9 players, bring a setup and we’ll give you a place to play and a bracket to use![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Also, note that MVC3 is now starting at 2pm, and SSFIV be starting later.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Doors open at 11:30am[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SSFIV:AE 3v3 Teams: 2PM[/LEFT]

[LEFT]MVC3 Singles Registration at 1PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Starts at 2PM[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SSFIV:AE Singles Registration at 4PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Starts at 5PM[/LEFT]

(side tournaments)
SFIII:3SO Teams or Singles
MK9 Singles

[LEFT]- $5 venue fee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- $5 for teams[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Bring your own controller and/or stick (Then keep an eye on it!)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]- Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- 2/3 rounds[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Double Elimination[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Pot Distribution for all games:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st Prize: 60% of pot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd Prize: 30% of pot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd Prize: 10% of pot[/LEFT]

[LEFT]If you can bring a setup, you get the venue fee waived. If you can bring an XBOX please bring a CRT or lagless monitor, let me know! At the moment, we have extra TVs, first come first serve![/LEFT]
[]asiantom (3 TVs | 1 XBOX)
]Souperbowl (2 TVs)
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If I can manage to get an “evo” monitor in time I’ll bring a set up for sure. I’ll keep you updated.

The return of both singles and teams for Street Fighter at Souper Bowl! I am pleased.

I’ll bring a PS3 for MK9. I can probably bring a TV as well.

I’ll be there I got 2 evo Asus LCD and an xbox.

Can’t wait for AE teams. Also get a 3rd strike tournament going! I’ll be a console for a set up.

ill be there this time couldnt make the last one asaintom i think we need a runback also haha

looks like i will have to bail :frowning: Im gonna be at LA for CoD XP :slight_smile: Gotta try out for the million dollar tourney :frowning:

I wanna run a little $1-5 3SO tournament. By “I” I mean, illwill. Because I don’t actually wanna run it, I just wanna play in it.

I can run 3rd strike on 360. It’s not hard to run so if you don’t mind I can do it.

tom lets run it together!

I will bring a CRT and PS3 for MK if we can run that! If not, I will bring a CRT for SSFIVAE.

I should be there and I can probably atleast bring xbox and maybe a crt if its in an accessible location after we move

I’m going.

Teams will probably be run at 1 after MVC3 Singles gets rolling.
3SO Tournament will probably get started after AE Singles starts.

Damn… I thought I could make it to this, but I’ll be away for Labor day. Have fun everyone

Thinking about hitting this up, not 100% sure just yet though.

i’m CUMMIN for dat PHOOOOOOOO (and rangoons) <3

I just spoke with Mr. asiantom, and there will be a Mortal Kombat side tournament! $5 entry, double elimination, held on PlayStation 3. I’ll be supplying the system and a CRT TV. All DLC characters will be available, but Freddy Kreuger is banned, and so are the unlockable and DLC costumes.

Thread on Test Your Might: http://testyourmight.com/forum/showthread.php?10846-Sep-4-2011-Souper-Bowl-Tournament-Labor-Day-Weekend!-(Lowell-MA)&p=153682.

Added a little side tournament section. omg busy day. don’t be late because it’s really annoying.

I always wondered why Freddy and costumes are banned. Reason behind this?