[Sep 8, 2011] Salty Conflict Online! Hosted By Peaceful Jay (Your House)

Free entry 100$ tournament every Thursday 9PM EST, prizes for winning streaks in 24/7 lobby.

To enter the weekly SCO tournament send me a message (JustinTV, Twitter or Youtube) with your Xbox Live and JustinTV tags.
Everyone can enter but only the best players will be picked so play regularly on stream to show us what you can do!
No entry fee, winner gets 100$ (and has to wait one month before reentering, everyone else can enter every week).
All players must send a message on XBL to “Peaceful Impact” saying “tourney” just before the start of the tournament and be logged on Justin.tv chat (video stream MUST BE PAUSED to reduce lag), you will receive an invite when your bracket comes. 32 entries, 4 brackets then top 4, you can’t see the brackets in advance, single elimination, 1 game, 3 out of 5 rounds, character locked, grand final is 2 out of 3 games.