[Sep 9, 2011] CBT LANBASH 5 (MvC3, HoN, SC2 and MW2) (Miami, Fl)

Hey guys, CBT College will be continuing with its ongoing LANBASH series of tournaments/events this september with LANBASH 5

The games this time around will be HoN 5v5 and MW2 6v6. Mvc3 and SC2 will be singles.

Entry for each game is $5 per person ($5 per each person in a team for the team based games).

As far as MvC3 goes, I will personally be there running it so feel free to PM me with questions.

MvC3 will be ran on lagless setups with unlocked and DLC characters all there.

As I mentioned above the entry fee will be $5 with the winner receiving the full $300 prize. There will unfortunately be no pot split this time around but we will be trying to implement them as I continue to work with CBT on further events.

Standard evo rules, double elimination.

This will be ran on 360’s, feel free to bring your own stick/pad.

Here’s the official site for more info.


Um, just to clarify that SC2 is Starcraft 2 right? Soul Calibur 2 would be pretty old…

Yessir Starcrack

ill be there. kinda wish it were played with ps3. the dpad on xbox will make it very challenging to say the least. tried fight sticks, they arent for me lol.