Separate matchup threads and one sticky to link them all

Is there anyone else that would prefer this? It’s really hard to find matchup specific info if what you’re looking for is not in the OP of the matchup thread. It would also reduce the problem of the OP not being updated since you wouldn’t need it as much. Some of the other character forums are already like this (Gouken, Guy) and it’s much better IMO.

One thread is fine because the board has been pretty dead recently anyway, 39 empty threads will be more annoying than helpful IMO.

Gouken forums have one thread for each MU and I find that way better.

I’ve always found them to be a clustered mess that drowns out other useful threads.

Well on the Gouken forums those 39 threads are far from empty, and Akuma is a more popular character than Gouken. On the first page of the Gouken forums maybe 30% of the threads are matchup threads. Some might say that’s cluttered, but I’d say that’s because 30% of the info people are looking for on the forums is matchup specific, otherwise those threads wouldn’t be on the first page.

What other useful threads? 90% of the threads that aren’t stickied already are pretty much useless. With a individual thread for each MU, information will be much easier to find and all the posts in that thread will be related to each MU, which is very helpful imo.

I like this for the purposes of keeping matchup discussion topical. We can ramble on about say Vega for two pages and then go back to bitch about Bison or whatever - things get disjointed. If you’re new to the thread you get lost. many question get re-asked, etc. At least with dedicated match-up threads the topic remains somewhat topical.

One suggestion: Make individual matchup threads. However, don’t sticky them. Sticky a SINGLE thread that contains links to the various matchup threads AND the setups thread and so on. That way the sticky stuff remains lean and to the point and those that delve into the few sticky posts will find direct links to the relevant finer details. Also, posts that generate activity will naturally gravitate to the top of the Akuma forums, thus showcasing current matchup discussions which could often be indicative newly discovered technology. If they are permanently sticky, this becomes a little less obvious, unless of course you monitor your favourite (or all) threads for updates.

The problem I see in the single thread choice is the lack of fresh info about match ups, all we have is the old lk tatsu sweep, ultra possibilities and 2 lines of offense/defense option. Not that handy.
One thread per char would mean detailed analysis of the gimmicks the counter possibilities etc. Because players of different levels need different level of advices of course.
Ex: Adon wall dive can be stuffed with s:hp: on reaction. To detail all those simple counters would make a single thread 45 pages long with an unlikely will be editable easily. Think of Bisons stomps and jumps specials, blank etc…
People discover counter tactics regulary.

The drawback will be the way to retrieve the info on several pages of discussion, but if people use tags (kind of) in the first line of their post “as a title” the search form will find em. At least name of the move, they talk about.

Also I think if we had separate threads people would post a lot more. I know I would. I just don’t feel inclined to post in that monsterous thread when responses to my post will get broken up by posts about other matchups and eventually buried.

I agree. The way info gets buried is a problem. Im still learning how to use these boards, and separate threads seems like it would be easier to navigate

One thread to rule them all