Separating grounds on a Sanwa joystick

I have a Sanwa JLF-TP8Y that I am wanting to put into a stick I’m building. This stick uses a DB-25 connector to interface with multiple boards, becoming a universal stick. The problem I have is that one of the pads I’m connecting to (a nyko dreamcast controller) is a dual-ground pcb. One set of grounds goes to DOWN, RIGHT, and the C and Z buttons (also function as L/R). Therein lays my problem… how can I separate the grounds on a Sanwa JLF joystick?

That’s what the board looks like… if I desolder two of the microswitches I’m worried that it’ll become unstable. Any ideas?

just score the PCB that the switches are attached too with a dremel or a knife until the copper traces no longer connect. Thats what i always do…

Hmm, genius! Thanks :smiley: It’s always the obvious solutions that I miss.

Or replace that pcb with 4 regular microswitches.

I could replace the pcb, but dunno how I’d mount the switches. Scoring the pcb at crucial points worked great! The stick is almost wired up now, I’ll have to post it in the finished thread as an example of my first attempt at a stick.

I just desoldered and removed that board you have a pic of there from the switches and stick itself and soldered wires to the switches individually and put it back together without the board. That way each switch can have its own ground. When you remove the board the gate holds it all together without that board perfectly and the whole stick assembly is even the same size afterwards.