Seperate modding and custom stick forums


I know I’m relatively new to Tech Talk forums, (I’m more of a long time reading first time poster kinda user,) But I would like to see separate sections of the forums for flat out custom made sticks where the builder makes their own box, and another for people interested in modding their mass produced sticks. I personally am only interested in seeing posts regarding custom sticks, and the forums are flooded with modding posts. Not that modding posts are a bad things, but it would be nice to have a way to pick out the custom stick posts.


There are various “_________ appreciation threads” on the forum already for various sticks, there may be one for custom sticks floating around. But there’s enough custom sticks posted in the new arcade stick thread that makes for a nice blend. But if you feel that strongly about it, you can always start up a new thread and see how it goes.


Modding and customs are such overlapping fields that a separation like that would require drawing an arbitrary distinction, and it’d be splitting a community that shares a lot of knowledge, skills, and resources. Many people get started via modding, and then shift into customs once they feel comfortable; some people take it the other way, because the wiring is what scares them. Most people who have built themselves customs also do modding still. It’s like a Venn Diagram with 75% overlap, skills and techniques-wise (I could even see an argument to be made that mods are almost a subset of custom build skills, but they’re not entirely). Doesn’t make much sense, in my eyes, to separate out two things that are so closely related.

My advice is to watch the Woodworkers and Check Out My New Stick threads; the latter will still require you to weed through some mods, but a lot of the mods in there might as well be customs, considering how elaborate they are.


I just feel like they are two separate areas of interest While a lot of the material overlaps in both, I think most people come to these forums looking for one or the other. I’m not really trying to inspire a drastic change, more just gather feedback as to if anyone else feels the same way!


Use the Info Thread.


People have requested the Check Out thread be split between mods and customs. It never really gained any traction.


modding leads to customs…thats how i see it…


I feel it’s fine the way it is. I have seen some mass produced sticks modded to the point of truly being their own works of art, but I also love checking out the thread to see that diamond in the rough… :wink:


Mods and customs use a lot of the same technology (PCBs, etc.) so splitting the forum would be counter intuitive.

Some people tend to do both mods and customs. And seeing customs in that thread also makes some folks want to upgrade from a modded stick to a true custom.

Am I allowed to blow my own horn?


Hey I just noticed that the T-SLG is not listed on there for Info thread info just the SLG3000 unfortunately no one ever looks at the damn list anyway!>:(


Joystick Vault if you just want to look at Customs I guess.
Leave Tech Talk alone.


Fixed that.


I disagree, i personally have never owned a “mass produced” stick before. I went strait into making customs because i wanted a specific design for my button layout for using zero’s buster shot with my thumb. I’m sure that many people get their start through modding, all I’m saying is it would just be nice to have a way to weed through either modding posts or custom stick posts depending on what you are looking for. I’m not sure if shoryuken forums have the ability, but many forums have a filtering option, and all you would have to do is list a criteria when creating your thread. So you would be able to view all threads if you wish, or if you wanted to be more specific you could filter out what you dont want to see.


The search button is an excellent tool for “weeding … modding posts or custom stick posts”


It’s a slippery slope from there.




undamned, you made my day! :slight_smile:


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Doesn’t matter if you went from off-the-shelf or went straight into customs. Both of these use the exact same parts, Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons and sticks, PCBs from Toodles, Phreak, etc. The same people who service one also service the other. Splitting the forum just because you don’t want to see off-the-shelf mods is more trouble than its worth.