Sephora's new Ad in the mall (pic)


So I was in the mall earlier today with a few co-workers for lunch…and as we walked by Sephora to get to Panera Bread I notice this ad in their windows…

LOL really?? I mean, seriously?

Not complaining or anything…but i had to take a picture of this shit…like, it was funny bc i was with mostly female co-workers and I know they got facials before…


Hahahaha Oh man.


and of course im the pervert tho for pointing out what the ad resembles tho lol.


I hear it’s good for the skin…


Damn its like the big green giant just jizz all over her…ho ho ho or jap porn

What is Sephora?


These are at the train and bus stations as well. I was like :confused: when I saw them.


Ep man. You gotta warn me before you put shit like this up. :rofl:


hahahaha whaaaaat!


Her mouth’s wide open and it’s all on top of her head?

Whoever unleashed that cream has some shitty aim.


Dr.Nicholas givin’ them all he got.


damn bukkake in the mall


It looks like she got nutted on by like 30 different dudes… what a damn shame.:rofl:


I can only imagine the pitch for that one at the office.


I thought Olympia had a mall.


I think Sephora is a hair and/or skin care store.


What the fuck is a Sephora?


its a makeup/skin product store.


Wow really, REALLY? Isn’t that the point of the thread? But you just had to spell it out for us. Thank you captain obvious.


It was Sephiroth’s name before her sex change.


I dont go to malls

Chill out little man, eat some chicken…