[Sept 18th, 2011] A&C World's Pre T12 Tournament - AE/MvC3/3S:OE

great to see you organizing these events watch

So I still need to confirm. I want to come but have no PS3 gear. Would I still be able to play?


Hi I’m new to this and am pretty out of practice but I’m going to take a stab at it and come by.

I’m hearing the DVP is closed and subways aren’t running tomorrow

How else can I get down there?

Only the Bloor station to Eglinton station is closed.
There are other routes depending on where you live.


parking information?

There are 4 Spots in the front, first come first serve. You can park at the Metro that’s just West of Bloor and Spadina but you may or may not be ticketed, I’m not too sure of the legality of it (Never happened to anyone I know). Besides that there’s a green P just north of the store.

@ jerseyto: Good to hear new players are coming out!

@ Awesomesaur: I appreciate the support good sir

I’m coming! plz has A+C save me a spot because you all love me? lol

^---- stream?

Me and a friend will be there today.

where is da streeeeeeammmm

what were the standings for marvel? i wanna know how my buddy did.



Sounds like it was a great tournament. Good job guys! So sorry I wasn’t able to attend. :frowning: