(Sept 19-21) GUTS 3 Foxwoods $2,600 Pot Bonuses Ultra SFIV, Melee, PM, Tekken, Guilty Gear, Poker!


September 19-21, 2014
Foxwoods Resort and Casino
39 Norwich-Westerly Rd
Ledyard, CT 06338

Game Underground is proud to announce Foxwoods Resort and Casino has been chosen to host Game Underground Tournament Spectacular 3. Located halfway between Boston and New York City, Foxwoods is the ideal location to bring players together from both regions to do battle. Free parking, affordable restaurants, night clubs, bars and of course casino games are just some of the perks available to enjoy in between battles. Gamers will be able to compete for thousands of dollars in cash prizes over 3 days in this ALL AGES event.

Game Underground owner Jamie York has assembled a team including Smash Co-Hosts Solid Jake and Mattdotzeb, Street Fighter Host Lucky D and Smashing Grounds hosts AOI and NZA.

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Friday after 6pm

Ultra Street FIghter IV Edition Select
Super Smash Bros Brawl Singles
Super Smash Bros Brawl Doubles
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Street Fighter III Third Strike

12am - 1:30am
21+ After Party at Comix!
Watch arcade style matches on the 90in HD projector! Have a few drinks and relax with your fellow gamers!


Ultra Street Fighter IV - $500 Pot Bonus
Super Smash Bros Melee Singles - $500 Pot Bonus
Super Smash Bros Melee Doubles
Project M Singles - $500 Pot Bonus
Project M Doubles
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - $250 Pot Bonus
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R - $250 Pot Bonus
Under Night In-Birth - $250 Pot Bonus
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma - $250 Pot Bonus
Pokemon X/Y
Killer Instinct
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Soul Calibur V
Mortal Kombat
King of Fighters XIII
Guitar Hero III Guitar Tournament
Rock Band II Guitar Tournament
Windjammers - $100 Pot Bonus

“Chip Damage” Exhibitions

10pm Texas Hold em Poker
(in the Poker room PREREGISTERS ONLY)


Persona 4 Arena 2/Persona 4 Ultimax


WWE 2K14
Dead or Alive 5
Mario Kart 8

Additional tournaments, pot bonus info, and details will be announced soon.

Hotel Booking is LIVE we have a VERY limited amount of rooms so book them ASAP! You will not be charged on your card until AFTER the event so make sure you get your rooms asap! If you decide to stay Sunday night after the event that night is $50 less expensive!


Tickets for GUTS 3 will be on sale in July.

Much much details will be announced asap.


Ultimate Gaming Style
Dynamic Custom Beadworks
CLASH Tournaments
Havenshine Gaming
Kombat Network

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Can’t wait!!!


I have to work that Saturday. And I only play marvel. Do u no when marvel will start so I can see if I can make it there at that time?


i believe the first pools for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 begin at 12 noon on Saturday, September 20th.

here is the schedule for all games: