(Sept 20th) SuperBrawl Tournament Sacramento CA UMVC3/USFIV



Hey everyone my name is Sick Case and I am running an event in Sacramento,CA on September 20th.

This will be a very special event , Sacramento’s own Brandon Sida will be coming home as he has been away pursuing his military career. I hope everyone can make it and see Brandon. Brandon was our top player for a long time before he left and I am sure he wants to be the top player again in Sacramento.

I will be starting my own brand of tournaments and this is my 1st tournament on my own. I ran Tap Ex earlier this month thanks to Romeo and I have run sessions in the past. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask.

REMINDER - Please refrain from bringing in outside food or drink. While some of the owners do not mind, some do, so let’s try to cater to our hosts’ concerns.

12:00PM casuals. Signups begin at 2:00PM.

Tapioca & Tea 9105 Bruceville Rd. #3A
Elk Grove, CA 95758
TapEx is known for its boba (bubble tea) drinks, popcorn chicken and calamari, and for it being the quintessential Asian hangout spot . Free WiFi for those who are so inclined.

How much?
Entry: $5 for UMVC3 and USFIV
Venue fee: $2 per player
Payout: 70/20/10