[Sept 26th 2015]Versus Climax (UMVC3, MVC2,MVC1,CVS2, TVC,XMEN vs SF ) @ UGC in North Hollywood, CA

Hello this is Nostalgic and I work for Ultimate Gaming Center. I will love to do monthly Versus series game tournaments and would love to create a scene at UGC.

Building is open 12pm-2am

Sign ups start 6pm or early

Venue fee $5
entry fee for mvc2, umvc3 is $5
CVS 2 is $3
the rest $1 entry fee winner takes all. (Tournaments can be free tournaments depending what the crowd wants but will not be providing any payout)

mvc2(dreamcast) 9pm
umvc3(xbox) 9pm
cvs2 (ps2) 9pm
tvc:uas (wii) 8pm
mvc 1 and x men vs sf (mame pc maybe arcade board) 10pm

UGClive Challonge

There are a decent number of monitors/crts available, but bringing consoles/arcade sticks ( especially wii sticks and ps2 sticks)/games would help run the tournament smooth. Still bring monitors, though, if you are able!

8551 Vesper Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91402
Neighborhood: Panorama City
Ph: (818) 825-0054
URL: ugcgamer.com

had a great turn out last week.The next Versus Climax was suppose to be on sept 19th but is now moved to sept 26th.

only will be hosting MVC 2 and CVS 2 due too many events happening at the same time which include various of KOF games. Sorry for the inconvenienceā€¦