[Sept 29th 2012] A&C World Tournament Series #8 - UMvC3/AE:2012


We’re back again this month with a rather late notice tournament. Depending on the amount of entrants (15+) we hope to be giving out some Street Fighter 25th Anniversary sets for prizes. So try to break out of your busy school lives and make us pay out!


Saturday, September 29th 2012
A&C World - 702a Spadina Ave, Toronto (A bit south of Spadina and Bloor)


$10 Venue Fee (for tourment participants)
$5 Spectator Fee
$10 Tournament Entry Fee (for both tournament)


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


Double Elimination
Best 3/5 matches
Loser can change team
Winners/Losers/Grand finals; Best 4/7 matches
Timer: Default

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012


Double Elimination
Best 2/3 Matches
Loser can change character
Winners/Losers/Grand finals; Best 3/5 matches
Timer: Default

Prizes: [Both games]

1st - 70% Pot split OR Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collectors Set [PS3 or 360] (15+ entrants or more)
2nd - 20% Pot split
3rd - 10% Pot split


Venue opens at 2:00 PM, Registration to start a bit after that
Registration will close around 3:30 PM
Events will begin around 4:00 PM
Venue closes at 8:00 PM


  • This even is BYOC (Bring Your own Controller), though there are a limited amount of arcade sticks available. Controller rentals are available.

  • There will be a limited number of free play stations for AE2012 and UMVC3 (360)

  • The Rules of the tournament are subject to change at the discretion of A&C Games.

  • For more info or if you want to sponsor this event, contact us or visit http://www.acgamesonline.com/


Gar and Chang Toy

Contact me via PM or A&C Games at (416)923-3066 if you have any questions about this event.


will sticky thread for money


Will pay in pistachios


how about 4th-8th place Pistachio payout? you know you’ll get 15 entrants if you do…


Half bags at best If I’m in charge of them



Due to the unfortunate turn-out there was no Marvel Tournament; Top 3 in AE:

  1. A&C Kill Dem All
  2. Blitzman
  3. Spiral Guy

Next time I may need the pistachio pay out to increase entrants. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks to everyone who came out, see you all at T13.


4th poojitsu!