[Sept. 5-7, 2014] West Coast Warzone 4 (Orange, CA)


Hi folks!

It’s been three years, but I’m back with West Coast Warzone! We’re returning to the Double Tree hotel in Orange next to the Outlets (what used to be the Block) for what is sure to be another landmark event in SoCal!

For those who were around for the first three Warzones, you know the origin story. I had my start in the FGC when SF4 was released in arcades (read the Kotaku article about it being at Super Arcade/Arcade Infinity) and I decided to check it out. Fell in love with the game and the community. At the time, all the major tournaments were in the east coast. I remember asking a very simple question, “When is the SoCal major?” only to receive the unfortunate answer, “there is no SoCal major.” For a region as big and strong as SoCal, that was just not cool and so Warzone came to be. Fast forward a few years, and Level Up’s SoCal Regionals was kicking major ass and I got really, really busy with work. We had Marvel 2: Neo vs Clockw0rk at the last Warzone which is still for me the best thing I’ve ever seen in the FGC, and with that I was able to put up my TO gloves and focus on real life for a bit.

Now, the community is continuously getting bigger and stronger, and SoCal as a region is still growing with new stories and new faces. One SoCal major is not enough and my work life has freed up just enough for me to bring Warzone back. So here we are: we’re back!

Official Website: http://www.westcoastwarzone.com

Where: Doubletree Orange - 100 The City Drive, Orange, California 92868
Rooms have been blocked out at $103 per night for those of you who would like to stay close to the action. You can call into the hotel and ask for the Warzone group rate or book your room through the link on our website.
When: Sept. 5 through Sept. 7th 2014
Games: We have eight official games this year with capped registration.
Title (cap) - Console

USF4 (256) - XBox360
MVC3 (256) - XBox360
Super Smash Bros. Melee (256) - Wii/GameCube
Killer Instinct (64) - XBox One
Injustice (128) - Xbox360
BlazBlue:CP (128) - Playstation 3
KOF (64) - Xbox360
Tekken Tag (64) - Playstation 3

Venue Opens: Sept 5th @‌ 12pm

Payment Details:
Venue Fee - $35 (Until August 28th)
Venue Fee - $45 (August 29th - September 2nd)
At the door emergency registration: $60 Venue Fee + Game Entry – We keep online registration open almost just a few days before the event (or until a game hits the cap). We will also be accepting emergency registrations during these times.
Thursday (Sept. 4th): 6pm - 11pm
Friday (Sept. 5th): 12pm - 8pm
We will also be accepting all major credit cards at the venue.

Spectator Fee: $10 for all three days

Game Entry:
Ultra Street Fighter 4 - $15
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - $15
Super Smash Bros. Melee - $15
All other games - $10

Stream Provided By:

I still have some big announcements that will come when we launch the new website this week. I’ll be happy to answer any questions here on this thread as well at our Facebook page. I’m very excited to bring back West Coast Warzone and I look forward to seeing you there!

-John Rog


Awesome! I can’t wait for this!


Finally! September can’t come soon enough.

Neo vs Clockw0rk was the best shit ever, insanely hype. Wonder what’s going down this year.


Hope to see everyone there!


All of the previous WCWs were a blast and I’m glad you guys are back! Will definitely be supporting it this year!


Welcome back John Rog! Are you gonna fight Jebailey for best TO Boxer <3


Any chance of there being side tournaments?


Can’t wait!


Oh we got something in the works. We’ll have more to share on that shortly :slight_smile:

Haha, I don’t really get the time to play the game anymore, but maybe :wink:

We will be allocating some space for a BYOC area where side tournaments are possible. More info on that as we receive interest.

Thanks everyone!


This is awesome! I’m very interested. I just sent you a PM regarding details for a main or side tournament for Super Turbo.


Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, we will be canceling the Tekken Tag 2 tournament. The players who have signed up will be receiving a refund in full.

In its place, we will be adding Uniel to the event! We will be reviewing the schedule to determine the best overall tournament schedule.

Those who have already registered for West Coast Warzone can email billing@westcoastwarzone.com to buy into the Uniel tournament.

For those who have not registered yet, West Coast Warzone is right around the corner and early bird registration ends Aug. 28th! The website will be updated with Uniel registration shortly and official rules to follow on the official website.

Head over to http://www.westcoastwarzone.com to register now!


Anyone going for mvc2 matches?


does anyone no if it’s west coast times for the start times?