Sept 5th Lucky's HD Remix Side - Tourney Results

Thanks to all players for entering! Videos will be up later in the week.

1: RyRy ($63.00) (Ryu, Sagat in Finals)
2: John Shelby ($18.00) (Claw, Honda Counter Pick in Loser’s Finals)
3: BZB ($9.00) (Fei Long)
4: Justin (Dictator)
5: Jeff (Chun, Sim and Blanka as secondaries)
5: Tarnish (Cammy and Fei Long Counter Pick)
7: Avion (Ryu)
7: Kevin Michael (Ryu)
9: Zerp/me (Ken)
9: Jesus (Blanka)
9: Fingers MLD (Honda)
9: Kris (???)
13: Trykt (Fei Long)
13: Blake (???)
13: Shiki (Honda)
13: Shadow Ace (Blanka and Dee Jay)
17: Jason L (???)
17: Gammatron 64 (Cammy)

Good shit ryry, bring home that bacon.

looooool @ whoevers uploading those vids

Hey guys don’t forget the stream is up and live. Check out to view the stream of SFIV. We’ve got quite a bit to go before we see the finals.

Good shit Zerp…I didn’t even know you went. Who did you and Corrosive use for it?

You guys let RYRY win this tourney HA

Ryry gs.

there ya go ryry…make that skrilla!!!

Dee Jay Vs. Vega

lets go…

Updated with characters

Enough about ST, wtf happened in SF4? Didn’t hear a word from anyone so I’m curious about those results.

It didn’t start till like 9:30 or so, so it may be a bit for the results to be posted.


i was thinking the same thing…