Sept 7 2004. Blockbuster

Capcom X UDON X Nuby = Blockbuster

Go check it out! Starting Sept 7, 2004!

That’s all I can say for now…

Oh f**k it better be the super dooper cover of Summer Special!!!

I really do not know where those Capcom covers are being shipped to…

But you can find some other sweet stuff at BB…

blockbuster… the video store? :encore: “yeaaa”

wow cool ill look on that while im goeting fire red and leaf green

They are releasing the Street Fighter Controllers… from what i’ve heard, Blockbuster only has the exclusive Akuma controllers… am i right, Udon?

…Guess I should go to Blockbuster tomorrow…even if I don’t plan on getting the controller. Knowing you guys, there’s more to this than just that.

Nuby? As in the company that was making those weird gamepads? I’m guessing they were the ones that were putting Jo Chen’s cover pics on Playstations and their funky gamepad at Evo?

I wonder whats going at blockbuster.I will make sure to go but first i have to get t3 redemption if its good september 7.I will have to check a review first though.

Ohhhhh my… I hope this means I can finally get my hands on a six-button SF controller (sooner than expected). Mr. Ko, I’ve been aching for the controllers since I got the Anniversary Collection… after this encouraging message, if I don’t have one tomorrow I’ll be very disappointed!!! :shy:

Anyone get to a Blockbuster yet? If so, what did you find there?

I’ve got class in twenty minutes, but afterwards I’ll stop by Blockbuster. If no one has posted anything by that point, I will do so.

Well, I’ve just been to one of my three local Blockbusters, and there’s nothing yet. There was an E. Honda mini-bust on the front desk, but the lady behind the counter knew nothing. Its still fairly early in the day though. I’ll check at another store after my next class.

Starting today in BB chainwide, there should be an endcap with the Jo Chen Ryu graphics on it, and also that particular section will display all sorts of SF goodies - exclusive to BB will be the Akuma Nuby Controller, and also since we have totally sold out of our first printing of the TPB #1 at Diamond, we did the second printing exclusive to BB with a new Shinkiro RYU/Bison cover. Go check them out!!!

OH SHIT!!! I’m there after class today!

I was there. They certainly had the endcap with the Ryu poster dealy…BUT NOTHING WAS ON IT!!! They had Anniversary, but then they had random stuff like DBZ Goku controllers. I found the TPB with the awesome Ryu/Bison cover to the side of it though. Employee dude was entirely confused. He has no idea what I was talking about with controllers and said they didn’t come in. :frowning: Gonna try the BB across the river later.

Got my Akuma pad! W00t!

I didn’t see a Ryu poster or anything, but I they did have the strategy guides.

Udoneko is there any chance the 2nd printing of the TPB will be in the UK branches of BlockBuster (Video presumably???) as well or not?

Well, two out of three stores where I live said that since they are franchise they don’t participate in all corporate promotions… meaning no SF goodies for me. Ah well.

HM… now that I have to check with the BB headoffice about it…

Also, for all of you who has checked it out, please post here and let me know how it is. This is the first time BB is doing an exclusive printing on any material. I am hoping that this will push the SF books to a different place that non-comic readers can get access to. I personally would like to know as much as possible how they are handling this in each store.

For those of you who are collectors that will be getting this special edition for their collection, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! For those who has already got the original printing of the TPB, do tell all your friends that there this new one is available at BB for a limited time (I think they will be on the shelves for 90 days starting now), and they can go and pick it up easily instead of trying to find a comic store.