Sept 8th xvsf singels and teams Tournament


Count me in of course

sing me in singels… im scorp… but i can only play at daroms at the moment… dunno why like 3 days ago i started geting 120+ ping at gw… :frowning: oh well… ill try to get some1 to play on teams too… long time i dont join xvs tornys… too much mvc for me…

Sign me and [2CLD] up, for this. My name is Elusive, on Kaillera. =]]

shiro u already know
ill look for a partner later and tell u
and shiro is the team going to be a 4p???

We’ll do team elimanaion. SO you come in with your team and if you lose your partner comes with his team.

So far this looks like a tuff tourney already =p

its me and motm team cv+ :slight_smile:

Knight Walker here count me in for singles


Good shit dk represent!

sign me up for the singles

bump its funny 90% of these lammers dont have srk =s

i’m getting a new motherboard finally on tuesday, so i’ll be back on this week, count me in.

Cool,we should get marvin and david in this too

sign me up please.

sign me up for singles, wow these tournaments every week is nice and bringing people in, it doesn’t say which mame we have to use, do we use the new mame or .64?

i’ll go in singles

Maybe u should talk to Narith about this Steve.

He’s never on=p

Any one opposed to using an fba emu?

sign up undercoverloc he to lazy to make a account here.

just use emu that ever one already has cause ppl wont dl another one they dont have