September 15th 3s Singles & Teams

Ok since the last teams tourney didnt go down in shiro’s, i wanted to do you with it.

September 15th, 2007
6pm EST Sharp, no exceptions because i want this to be done and get teams going.
Mame 117
Godweapon Best of the Best server

Singles 3/5, 4/7 losers finals, winners finals, and grand finals

Teams are THREE ON THREE. not 2 on 2. think of your team name, characters, and then post. if you cant find one, and you’re in singles, we’ll find one for you. also we can pair u up with no shows.

** Singles **
2.SF3LP (Nica K.O.)
5.Ryth (Elusive)
6.Chi-Rithy (Nataku)
8.Chicken Power

** Teams **
1.Team Stun 101 Revival - Nica KO(YA)/Magman(MA)/Chi-Rithy(CH)
2.Team Hate: Alfred (?)/rushed (HU)/SmoothCat(CH)
3.Team ??! HyperSonic(KE)/Baby Jesus(UR)/Deox(Q)
4. Team D - sloan yllek solecombo
5.The Clique Dark Hoyoto/Soul/Anthem
6.Team A - Ryth Yllek SoleCombo
7.Team B - efd Supreme daemon
8. Team C - knarxed/Mr M/Dark Knight

COMPLETELY RANDOM BRACKETS…you know how it goes. sorry to the few who got paired ugly =/

oh snap yo Mag good shit on this man…im in for both…and yo if you want you can be on my team we’ll just need one more person…i’d prefer the team name i had last time…Masters Vsion
and if we are on teams then just let me know who everybody is using and all that good stuff

p.s- gotta get the word out on this man…seems like no one is catching wind of this

in for singles

im down for singles and teams

Darn, if only this was on Friday, sept 14th, then I’d be able to make it.

Wish I could enter, but gotta work :X

Singles. :]

EDIT : MAME name = Elusive.

yea my fault peeps i been slackin hard on this…no more of that tho imma try and get supra or nox to advertise in server and refer to this thread.

i won’t be on kaillera ever again

I wanna team with you rushed:tup:

But i have ppl coming over IRL so imma be busy playing offline

i always team with nataku and ur a good 3rd player for us. so yeah lets do this.

ill aim u for a team name

damn me,you and nataku is pretty beastly…lol but w/e if you got my sn just IM me with the team name and who everyone is using…ill have to practice with that one character of who im using…im thinking along the lines of yang…but let me know just in case

is that WORD??? ill never be able to get a COMPLETE MATCH with you ever EVER again :frowning:

count me in for both

Count me for single please. SamBuca

count me in…singles and team

Damn Mag. Wish I could. I gotta work an ANIME convention in VA. Hit you up on the next one. Good luck with it.

Yo are you gonna go to the next SSN?

We are doing a 3v3 SBO rules Team tourney :lovin:

sign up “rdy2die?” for singles, i would love to play too but my dsl connection sucks on godweapons =/. actually it sucks period

OH SNIZAP…is THAT WOOOOOORRRRDDDDD lol…im in…if you want to team up with me let me know man…and yes im going and im bringin a couple of ppl too