[September 20th-21st 2014]X-Mania Europe 4 - Pau (France)




Like it was announced at the beginning of the year on Facebook, X-Mania Europe 3 won’t be the last after all. The event moves into a new venue, it will happen during the “James Game Center” retrogaming/arcade festival that will be held in a movie theater in Pau.
You can register on the website in the presale section, the event has a partnership with an hotel right next to the venue so you can get an accomodation for a low price.

The X-Mania will get a dedicated hall in the venue with 10 head to head setups and a big cinema screen for broadcasting matches.

As of now they didn’t put the rules up on the website, but the tournaments will be as every X-Mania Europe :

  • Solo character lock tournament
  • Solo 3 characters tournament
  • Team tournament (3vs3)

That’s all I can say for now, if you have any questions, just ask and I’ll try to get the info you need.


wow, great for u guys to keep it alive!


So they just announced today that Mattsun and TMF will be attending, but sadly Kurahashi won’t be able to defend his crown this year.
Also I went to check the venue and the internet is pretty bad, DSL over wifi :/, so we’re gonna look into 4G for the stream.


Do you guys have 4g hotspot, a router, or just a 4g signal? Any idea on 4g strength? It’d be awesome if we could watch it live, but if it doesn’t work out, at least try and record?


I’ll leave my contribution and translate the thread title to English, since it’s in Portuguese, atm:


I’ll record everything locally like every year, as for the 4G signal, we don’t have any inside the venue (it’s deep into a movie theather) but it’s ok outside so we’re looking to set up a 4G router near one exit and then run an ethernet cable to the streaming station.


Stream started on http://www.twitch.tv/swga_maho, freeplay for now, we’re waiting for the last players to get there.
You can find the brackets there : http://xmania-europe4.challonge.com/


Day 2 stream just started, 3on3 top 8 will start soon when all players are here.


Can you potentially clarify why TMF played Mattsun in the second round of the tournament?


I posted a comment on strevival about this, I wasn’t involved as much this year (only doing the streaming) and it seems the guy that replaced me to do the pools this year wasn’t really experienced at this and didn’t think of top 16 seeding, simply putting Mattsun and TMF in pools 1 and 2 (another strange thing you can see in TMF pool is that he’s the pool’s seed, and yet another player got the bye that he should have).
I was really surprised when I put the pools results in the top 16 bracket after the pools ended, they actually meet first round and not second in top 16 winners, the first round in the challonge bracket is there just to put the players in they winner/loser spot from the pools.
To be honest I tought of floating the top 16 bracket for a second, but like a lot of TOs said, floating is a bad idea, and might have create more problems. I have to admit that I have some responsability in this, when they gave me the pools listings to do the challonge brackets, I should have noticed this instead of the copy/paste I did, rest assured I’ll be looking for any seedings mistakes next year so that won’t happen again.


Thanks Maho for the organisation. That was a great tourney. Glad to hear that it will go on next year.


All videos are now up on Youtube : http://youtu.be/F3_qbaCoFwE?list=PLXlPzJ9gT9neR0ibH5DJwK1dVhl8GieU6


Best XMania Europe, even if less people where attending. See you guys at Stunfest and next XMania Europe !


So happy for Cammy making history by wining a major despite of all the stupid arguments I have heard that try to diminish such accomplishment.