September 28th 3s Kaillera Single & Teams

ok guys, i gotta do this friday this time. some players in the last tourney wanted it on this day too. im busy this saturday reguardless. i hope the same people and more can make this one.

i would also like for you guys to vote on 2/3 or 3/5.

so with that said, its the regular other than that.

GodWeapon Best of the Best Server
NO PINGS OVER 90…unless i know you :tup:
If both players agree, p2p it.
If there’s an dispute between players (which is never a problem with those with honor), it’ll have to be redone and spectated by me.
Singles starts at 5PM EST this time, due to how long it was last time to start teams.
Teams starts at 8PM, reguardless whether or not singles is finished.
Teams of 3

if you dont have a teammate, and he is not there in 10 minutes, its a DQ. so find a reliable partner, please.

** Singles **
2.Nica KO
12.Ridah 2CLD
15.Hold Dat

** Teams **
1.Team Stun 101 Revival: MagMan(RY)/Nica KO(YU)/Chi-Rithy(KE)
2. : Ryth (Elusive)/Ridah2CLD/Supreme
3.Team Hmnoob : Idealistic/rdy2die?/MaJeK
4. : hold dat/Rusheddown/Deviljin01(maybe)


i’d say it turned out pretty evenly, only problem with that is that when a good player gets sent to losers they’re gonna wipe out everyone while the other good player sweeps the winners side.

so about the teams is it 2 on 2 or should the champion team return with us three (me you and nataku) sign ups start now im hoping so if thats the case sign me up for singles and teams if its the same as last time

in for singles

3 on 3 still, sir

put me in for singles
it says “5PM this time”, wtf time is that, shoryuken time? do people here even speak english well, or are you all portugese or something?

well first and fore most i noticed that you’re new to SRK sooo Welcome fine sir and basically we’re made up of most parts of the fighting game world (mostly U.S) and um i believe theyre may be at the least a couple of ppl who speak “Portuguese” here lol…although we are speaking english…anyways the time for the online tournament is at 5 p.m eastern time in the US on friday…and oh yeah welcome…youre gonna meet some cool ppl coming here…hope you learn new things

Oh yeah Mag…im gonna be using yun for the team tournament so put me in as that…Team Stunt 101 Revival Champions FTFW

Someone needs to spread the word on this tournament…i mean it IS this friday

I’m in … I guess

looking for a team, but I got dibs on Sean.

ok i left supra a message to ad in the godweapon server autobot.

stevey - lol i meant “this time” as in “this tournament” not as in “over here hour.” cuz last time it was at 6pm.

and to all the people who voted, remember, u need to post to officially be in this tourney.

I’m in. Idealistic… Also sign up rdy2die?

We’ll be in for teams too… Not sure who we using yet, and we might have a 3rd, if not we could take someone.

Will find out by tomorrow.

sign me up, you know it

I’m in as MaJeK. I’m the third for idealistic and rdy2die’s team.

someone should do a tournament on monday night or something. So that way people don’t have to take their friday nights off

Sign me up[Ryth(Elusive)] and Ridah_2CLD, in for singles.

We will also, be on a team. Give us a random, third person.

yeah ill most likely do my next on a tuesday or whenever.

I agree. All these tournaments are on Friday, Saturday, Sunday which is when most of us are busy (or at least I am and I’m sure others are too).

Monday nights would be great though. Bedfast, you me and Deviljin should make a team to represent old school Xbox Live if it happens on a Monday. :wonder:

I’d prefer Sundays nights. =)

Doubt anyone is doing anything Sunday night. Weekdays are school/work and friday/saturday are nighs to go out.

put me in for singles pl0x

please put me down for singles…i’ll definately be participating

and im willing to team with anyone who’s willing to team with me. that is if you dont mind a ken scrub

how do teams work? 3 on 3? they play 3 seperate games at the same time?