September Slaughter - 09.15.2007 - Greensboro, NC - RESULTS


I want to give MAJOR thanks to everyone who helped. This cannot be a one (or two) man show and to all of those who contributed I thank you. I do sincerely apologize for the tournament running so long - I’m still fairly new to this but I want to thank you all who had the patience to stay until the end, ESPECIALLY those from out of town.

Next time I’m going to cut out NGBC, XI, and VS. That’s 3 less games I’m going to be playing in, and this also solves the problem of needing so many modded PS2s since AC is out in America now. Teams won’t be scheduled anymore and just done on a per interest basis after singles. I’m basically going to condense everything and actually get this shit going right. Thanks for bearing with me.

If I came off a little brash to anyone, I was just stressed out and disappointed in myself because I couldn’t get things running quite the way I wanted. Though it seems like the general consensus is that people had a BLAST and I couldn’t be happier. I do hope everyone enjoyed themselves and THANKS AGAIN to everyone for showing up from all over the place.

Now that that’s out of the way…RESULTS!

Total Entrants: NINETY MF’N THREE!

SF3:3rd Strike Singles- 32 Players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Jose Hernandez
  4. Josh Mattocks
  5. Eric Kim
  6. Alex Roski

SF3:3rd Strike Teams - 30 Players

  1. Team Justin Wong / Team Matt Frank (didn’t play - decided to split)
  2. Team Used Condom
    SC3 - 19 Players**
  3. Thugish Pond
  4. KrayzieCD
  5. Kid Disaster
  6. Killa6
  7. RTD
  8. Vints
    MVC2 - 19 Players**
  9. Justin Wong
  10. IFG
  11. Danny Lima
  12. Eddie Hoyt
  13. Eric V.
  14. George Alvarez

CVS2 - 20 Players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Eddie Hoyt
  3. Havoc
  4. Shaun Cosby
  5. Tenki Sensei
  6. Kevin Michaels

GGAC - 19 Players

  1. Matt Frank
  2. Byron
  3. Villainous
  4. Brent Taylor
  5. Alex Roski
  6. Mike

T5DR - 20 Players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. RTD
  3. Yates
  4. VB
  5. Linkrkc
  6. Killa6

KOFXI - 13 Players

  1. Phillip Haith
  2. Alex Roski
  3. Blake Mansour
  4. Tornado Flame
  5. Darklight
  6. Jeff J.

NGBC - 15 Players

  1. Alex Roski
  2. Lucious Clayton
  3. Phillip Haith
  4. Blake Mansour
  5. Shikaku
  6. Shaun Cosby
    VS - 12 Players**
  7. Justin Wong
  8. Phillip Haith
  9. Alex Roski
  10. Blake Mansour
  11. Jose Hernandez
  12. Shaun Cosby

Thank you EVERYONE for making this one hype. Hope to see everybody soon.



I had a lot of fun at this and a lot of GGs to everyone I played in Guilty Gear and Smash Brothers (especially random J.Wong accompanying fangirl).

Next time, let’s start all the Majors sometime in the PM hours, yeah? !2:30 AM GG = teh suck.

Wow this was really unexpected…Mr. Kimmicks can you holla@me?

I had Dood call me up on the phone and he told me the results would be kinda random. Wish I could have made it up there. Dont blame ya Roski for cutting some games. Making sure the big games get done is most important.

Oh and GS Hav getting top 3 in CVS2. Wonder who Eric Kim lost out to in dat Threes. Dood in 4th place is awesome.


Good work. See that Yun is still beastin.

Actually, by the next tournament XI and NGBC should be out in North America.

Oh well, if it needs to be cut it needs to be cut. Looks like I won’t have any tournament to go to for awhile…

Didn’t you read his post Jon =/

Great tourney. It didn’t bother me at all how long it lasted, who cares? You know it’s going to be an all day thing. You’re with friends playing games, enjoy it.

I think we’d be able to do teams in at least one game if we dropped all the minors. Something that’s a little less than $10 to enter should be there. I imagine a few minors will be returning when Arcana Heart and 98 UM are out.

Actually, why not have a separate tourney for all these minors? I mean, aside from a few GG players and a few 3S players, the crowds for majors and minors don’t overlap too very much. I think me and Blake are two of the only GG guys that play minors. The twins also maybe.

Good shit everybody, I had a blast! Most fun I’ve had at a tourney in awhile.

Thanks for looking out for a brotha, I was pretty goddamn drunk by nightfall.
Whoever it was that took my keys… good call… :tup:

Until next time… :cool:

I think this is a good idea; I personally show up for 3s and GG, but I think it’s cool that you all have atleast more than 10 people enter for those minors, so I’d feel bad if you had to kick those out for good.

If anything, I vouch for keeping 3S teams, cause those were fucking awesome. That was the highlight of the night for me, especially with everyone in back screaming and going nuts. Team Top Tier Sucks made their statement :arazz:.

Shout-outs to JiBbo and Dood, great to see you and play with you guys; our team was awesome, I only regret I couldn’t do better for you all :sweat:. Beatface, nice to see you again, sorry to see you go early. TornadoFlame, good shit, I’ll get you next time and we need to play some ST.

I really have to thank Roski for throwing this tourney, the location is not too far distance-wise and it’s a comfortable drive. I hope to make it to more of these.

Good shit Danny and Jose. Wish I could have been there.

Thanks… but it definitely wasn’t “good shit” on my part… I fucked up bad.

Good shit to everybody though. I had fun. Everyone come to C3 next week!

gs havoc…top 3 son

jibbo, ggs in casuals i think we played like every other set on that tv. sorry yeah dude i dont’ think we got to play any games at all, def need to get some in next time.

majors is my hero, come up to c3 five guys on me

I really need to step my game up, I suck, nuff said. Best tournament EVER!
Thank you Roski for hosting this thing. You have been added to my list of heros.

Good seeing everyone again :tup:. This tourney was refreshing… before I was losing interest but this one got me motivated again. Time to re-learn Urien and GG match ups :sweat:. 3s casuals and teams were mad fun. Josh/David- we must of played like 10 sets lol, I’m glad you guys could make it.

Good shit to everyone at the tourney. I didn’t get home till 6 in the AM, but I had a blast. Although, when you’re a 123 away from knockin Justin Wong into losers, it’s not too hard to find something to think about to keep you awake. Oh well, at least I put on a good show. Now, to individual shoutouts:

Roski: :lovin: to you for continually running these things, they get bigger and bigger each time. It was my turn to win in the team tournament, tho:rofl:. Honestly, keeping the minors isn’t a horrible idea, especially with AH around the corner, but run the majors first. I know it’s already been stated, but GG starting on Sunday morning is no good. EDIT: Thanks for the advice on the Faust/Pot matchup. Worked like a charm. :rofl:

Dood & JiBbo: It was great seeing and fighting you guys again. I can’t wait to watch the tournament match between Josh and myself, as anything involving pink Ibuki is always worth watching. Next time, mapquest the directions back, too.:lol:

Dub: I love you, sir. Your stick making abilities are 2nd to none. I didn’t even have to get used to the damn thing to wreck fools with it. All encompassing no homo

Jose: Next time we get a chance, we’ll play more before and after the tourney. We gotta get you used to that Yun fight. If you still wanna learn GG, I’ll show you some shit there too.

MD/VA crew: Always good to see you guys. Hopefully you’ll be taking us a bit more seriously in the 3S from now on. Erik V and God need to yell louder. That is all.

Old school JuggerHulkers (Erik/Rod): I’m always surprised and happy when you guys show up to chill and play. Congrats to Erik on the baby Lord Doom. I’m sure she’ll be throwin rocks at people in no time.

Byron: GG finals at 2:30 AM. Mad props to you for staying and beasting through it all. Sorry about all the dolphins, I was tired and didn’t feel like thinking through a Bridget mirror.

People I forgot: Don’t take it personally, I gotta go to class. I’ll hit you guys up later.

This tournament was one of my favorites along with final round. I got to see a lot of cats that I haven’t talked to in a while. 3S Casuals were a blast. Yeah, no complaints here expect for 85-South NOT GOING SOUTH… and for some reason my lips have been chapped up ever since. I woke up and my lips were bleeding loooooooooooooooool.

Great games to Eric in casuals and singles. Wish I could play you more often. Nas/Arcas/Everit is was a pleasure eating that bojangles with you haha. That rice bowl was broken. Met alot of other cool people (Ghilbi Cat and TornadoFlame to name a few). Special thanks to Justin for coming out and taking our money I MEAN… supporting NC scene :lovin:. Good games to Pat Van Pelt. God I love you. It was also great seeing Josh do well. Oh and Matt Frank is too beastly.

btw. VIDZ PLX!!

Awesome. Great tourney, even if it went until 2:30.

Lesson learned: Never drink what someone says is vodka from a plastic water bottle.

Oh, so that was Lord Doom’s baby?

Good work, man! She’s adorable! :tup: