September Slaughter - 09.15.2007 - Greensboro, NC - RESULTS

Nah I read it, just thought I’d reinforce the need to start earlier >_<

It’s ok though because yeah, getting to chill with friends and stuff and play games is the shit. But people aren’t exactly their best at that time of night, lol.

great tournament Roski as always

rod rapes with the mini keg much <3

random hype guy made my day, good times

more people need to play marvel

its too fuckin hype!!!

Had mad fun! Enjoyed watching your match plays Justin. Thank you.

GOOD STUFF NC!!! This thing was too hype!!! I personally didnt mind chilling until almost 3am b/c there was always something going on, something to watch, something to learn, someone to talk to. I concur that you should keep the minors, especially XI and NGBC seeing as how they are hitting stateside which should increase interest at least slightly. Plus as noted, those minors are kinda what makes these tournaments unique, actually having a “scene” for these games and having them run draws interest. I also have to say that you HAVE TO KEEP 3S TEAMS…that stuff is TOP TIER, just plain out fun to watch, I enjoyed watching that more than 3S singles b/c it showcased talent (Tornado Flame FTW!!!) other than the anchors that we knew were going to perform well in 3S singles, the format is just awesome, dont do anything with that PLEASE.

I dont think the timing is a matter of games running/starting late per se, but more of players being in the right place at the right times. It gets annoying to have to go look for someone who is holding up a tournament when they happen to “disappear” for an hour to go get food. That needs to be fixed, SERIOUSLY. Maybe im speaking beyond my means here but Bojangles seemed to be pretty popular Saturday so why not try to arrange a massive feast or something for the next tourny. I dont think it would be too hard to arrange. Just tossing the idea out.

So when will the next one be?


GG’s to everyone there. It was a long wait, but the GG and 3S tournies were pretty fun.

2:30 am GG finals. Too hardcore. :looney: :wasted:

Hey, that was vodka.
It was the blue label 100 proof kind, tho…

thraaaa: Thanks for helping me drink that up. <3
P-Soul: Thanks for helping me get the damn thing open! :rofl:


Justin Wong=$700+ richer…

Isaac is a 3S god.

Well if you all decide to cut out NGBC and KOFXI know that I will be taking over for it…


It seems you Alex are the man to beat in NGBC…you’re going down!! :devil:

GGs guys. The turnout was hella crazy on this one!
That shit was too hype, although I didn’t do as well as I wanted to. insert obligatory “I’m going to train harder so I can put up more of a fight” statement here I should probably start fighting online again for the sake of having human competition. That and learn MSP properly.:lol:

Jose, shoot me a PM so I can get some games in with yall.

I saw some crazy mixups in 3S that day. Mixups like: 5 throws in a row or 7-10 low forwards in a row. 'Shit was insane son! :rofl: It’s weird how someone can control a match like that. It’s all about 'dem layers son!

Thanks to Majors and Roski for giving the car a jump start so we weren’t left stranded out there. :tup:

It’s a shame you feel the need to drop VS, KOFXI, and NGBC. I don’t wanna see them go. :sad: They’re what make these tournaments unique and I personally think they’re hot shit. (BTW, good shit to Shaun in VS and being a good anchor in 3S teams. I’ll need to step my game up tremendously for the next time, I’m sure). I don’t really think they’re slowing the progress of the tournament much either. I agree with Orochi in saying we just need the players to be on time for their matches so things can run more smoothly. So in short, “I implore you to reconsider.”

Also, I always have copies of the games in my bag in case you wanna run them on another T.V. (where there’s usually casuals taking place) and get things done quicker.

Once again GGs. I had a lot of fun.
I’ll see you guys at the next one.

Well, I did have fun while I was at the tournament, but I was still very disappointed that I didn’t get to play in the GG tournament due to time constraints. This is hands down the worst that it has ever been with the start time issue, but I’ll chalk it up to some bad luck and high stress.

Things that can be done in the future:

  1. I don’t think removing minors is absolutely necessary, but they are called minors for a reason. Major tournaments need to be prioritized; a minor should never be more important than a major. Similarly, two minors that are taking up one TV each shouldn’t be enough to hold up majors starting on time when there are 7+ stations that are open for play. If removing the minor tournaments until the whole process can be streamlined is necessary, then so be it. But there shouldn’t be any problem with minors in the future if proper time and station management is implemented. I am in agreement with the players who say it’s the minors that add the unique character of our NC tournaments, so they should be kept in mind. Similarly, a team tournament shouldn’t be a priority over singles. Team tournaments are hella fun, but they are a side event in the end. Singles should be the priority, with teams if there is time and interest. Alex already addressed this, I just felt the need to emphasize it.

  2. Running brackets: For God’s sake, stop running winners bracket straight and then running losers straight. This is a nightmare waiting to happen. The rule is that you run losers as far as possible before running rounds in winners, for two reasons. The first reason is that you minimize the waiting time for people between their matches; running winners straight means that the people who get put into losers have to wait FOREVER before they can play and vice versa for the people in winners once you start running losers. This is how you get your walkoffs and people vanishing when it’s their turn to play; they have to wait far too long for their matches and lose patience and interest. The second good reason for running losers as far as possible before winners is that you eliminate players from the bracket, leaving fewer people for you to call on in later matches. The players who get eliminated get to go relax and eat/play casuals without worrying about being present for their next match, which also makes their experience more enjoyable overall and not as stressful. And as you elminate more players, the total number of matches that needs to be played will decrease, allowing you to eventually reduce the number of stations and make room for the next games in the lineup, further streamlining the entire process.

I’ve already talked with Alex about this stuff, I just wanted to post it here so those that want to know why things happened the way they did will get a glimpse of what was done and what can be done to fix it. Overall it was still a fun tournament. Here’s hoping the next one will top all of the expectations.

Although staying in NC till almost 3am due to Guilty Gear running that late wasnt on my “to do” list, i am glad i got to stick around. I suppose it was also fun making a 3hr drive turn into a 2hr one :wgrin:

Alex: thanks for running everything. it was nice having a reason to get out of SC for a day. I’ll see if i can maybe make it out to the next tourney you throw. If NGBC happens to be out in America by then (and Arcana Heart), make sure to at least have those 2 games in the gaming list since id be interested in doing those.

Matt: GG sir and congrats on getting 1st. I officially hate May now :annoy:, but i plan to learn that match in the near future. All that aside, in the end, the better man won. I look foward to the next time we face off. :china:

Jon: Thanks for all the casuals matches earlier in the day and a fun match in the losers grand finals. Ive only gone up against a slayer that knew what he was doing on one other occasion (and that was for only one match) so i appreciate every single BBU i recieved in order to get more practice on him. My favorite BBU of all time was when i almost had the corner yo yo gltich going only to recieve a huge uppercut to the chin :sweat:. I hope that match got recorded and (if it did) it gets put up soon :rofl:

Eddie/Jesus: Good seeing both of you at the tourney.

To everyone else: Good games to those i played against, both in Guilty Gear and in Tekken.

Well, add my vote to not taking out NGBC and XI. VS I can live without. The first two games are getting US ports next month anyways, so the “they’re import only” excuse won’t fly shortly.

I think the above suggestions are great.

Dimmus Reaction to strippers=Fuckin Priceless:lovin:

I was da guy sleepin at da table, got real tired suddenly. But I woke up when I went to da strip club, GOT HYPE SON!!!:rofl: GGs to all who played. I really wasnt expectin to play 3S teams though but enjoyed playin nonetheless.HTH plays on a namco stick in 3S?

:wonder: Well then, this was the second best tournament I’ve been to with FRX being the best. I really enjoyed it and the competition was really fierce. :looney: You guys didn’t make my coming out of retirement easy. Some of those matches, I felt like Apollo when he had to battle Drago in Rocky IV. Anyways, on with the shout outs: [list][COLOR=“Cyan”]Roski, as always, great tournament. Our match in the 3rd singles was intense, I can’t wait to see the vids of it. That one round when we had both had no life, I totally had the biggest brain fart ever in a match and the only thing I could think to do was: slide, down parry, slide, down parry, slide…etc and hope for the best. I was surprised I pulled out a victory doing that but then again, the XBL guys have always said that I do the dumbest things but somehow pull out victories when I do them. :rofl: I think that was by far, one of the dumbest thing I’ve done in a battle. Yeah Dood 120% vs Roski part III will be epic![]Frank the Tank, I must say that it was a pleasure to be eliminated by you this go around. Your Yun was top notch and the night belonged to you. Next time we battle, remind me not to try to parry out of the Genei Jin, :looney: that spells pure disaster for the little pink Shinobi that could. I’ll look forward to watching our match again and to getting more matches with you. []Justin Wong, what can i say, you know my Ibuki’s only weekness… :sad: Chun-Li. An average Chun-Li player gives my Ibuki a challenge but playing a Chun at your caliber equaled Yeah Dood’s biggest 3rd Strike nightmare. Hopefully, I’ll be able to have another set with you in the future and I can give you a better match. Great job at winning. I’ll see you next time you’re around. []Everett, wow, what has it been like almost a year since we last met at a tournament? Really really cool battling and chilling with you again. Your Urien may have been rusty but you still have mad skills with him. What was up with Bojangles? We ordered the exact same thing yet they took like 10 minutes to get your order done. Thanks for the donuts too. I’ll see you around soon, maybe on XBL… hint hint , wink wink []Justin (Ghibli Cat), Cool meeting you and battling in the 3rd Strike teams tournament with you as Team “Top Tier Sucks”. Apparently, not only does top tier suck, but :rofl: I totally sucked in the Team tournament. You and David carried the team. Our match in 3rd singles was too close. I usually don’t have any trouble with Urien but you had an offset timing to your attacks that was really throwing me off. I had a really good time against you, we’ll have to battle more in the future. []David, you fought well brother. Sucks that my Ayumi Hama-sanwa sticks’ up/left went a little defunct during the tournament, I’m 120% sure you would have placed way higher if it wasn’t for that. I’ll try to get it fixed up before the next torunament we go to. :rofl: I totally ruined 3rd Strike teams for you and Justin. []Kevin Micheals, or should I say Admiral Kevin. It was awesome representing Fayetteville along side you, Ecko, Miller and my brother. We had a couple fun casual sets that I really enjoyed. I’ll see you around at FunFunFun, leader. []Ecko, :sad: looks like this’ll be our last tournament we’ll be fighting in for a while. It was an honor to battle with you, Kevin, Miller and my bro and represent Fayetteville. Really fun set we had in the tournament. I’ll do my best to try to make it to more tournaments and fight for Fayetteville while your in Iraq. We all need one last big battle before you leave. []Miller, that’s right it was MILLER TIME all night!!! Every standing Gigas Breaker I did with Hugo in casuals, was for you buddy. Next time we’re at FunFunFun I can show you some easy ways of landing and doing the standing Gigas if you’d like. []TornadoFlame, great meeting you at the tournament. You have a very fierce Makoto on you, we need to have a Makoto mirror battle some day. Hopefully our next battle won’t be too far away. []Pat Van Pelt, this day… I battled with a GOD. :rofl: Fun times chilling and battling you. It’s rare that I get to battle a good Alex or Oro player. The only good Alex player I’ve played besides you is Matt (Hold Dat) from NY and as for Oro it’d be J.B (DevilJin). Our matches in the 3rd Strike singles were really fun. Hopefully we’ll meet again in another tournament. [*]Eric Kim, wish we could have had at least one set but it looks like my brother was having some pretty good matches with you. [/list] Well I guess that’s it for now. If I’m forgetting anyone it’s not intentional, a lot of Saturday is still a blur to me. Next time I got to remember, :looney: 85 South leads to Charlotte not Fayetteville. :rofl: Worst trip home ever… dood![/COLOR]

GS GS to everyone had a good time.

Tourney took a bit too long, but that’s to be expected. Tourneys ALWAYS take too long.

I uploaded 3S vids. They are .mov files zipped. This is the straight feed. It’s 180 MB

The link is here.

The vids are

Oh yeah. I suck at CvS2.

man i wish i knew it went on this late, i would have driven there after work … which was 11 pm…

but i think you should keep teams… it really is the most fun format, cause your cheering for someone other than yourself

this tourney was aka Matt Frank!!! Good shit Matt.

man so much shit to say. i dont really ever do this afterwards. but this was a really really fun time. to me(game wise) i actually had more fun here than at evo. i think teams bring out the most fun to tourneys.

roski (another great tourney ran and Team Used Condom will prevail next time, as long as there is a ride and i have money ill be there to support the scene)
ifg (<3 and sex)
charlotte crew(who i happen to be better than in mvc2/thanks for the money)
mr. lee majors ( again major thanks for place to stay)
matt frank(gs, not many people defeat GOD)
jwong(still waiting to play u for some of YOUR money)
yeah dude bros (bout time i got to play you, never really played either of you. we’ll meet again)
sam (team used condom team mate, stick with the game and it’ll come in no time. the only generic advice i can give u over the internet is youtube)

md/va (you know me i know u)

Good shit guys… i had fun at this tourny and meeting new ppl which is always good.
GhibliCat good seeing you again thanks for letting me use your arcade stick
Lets see uhhhhhhhh good shit to the guys who where trading places play 3s -----pink ibuki and shaun was da shit. Arcas didnt see you or i think i did who knows!!!
Good shit to all the GG players…alot of ky’s and a sick ass slayer (good shit)

Hope to do this again!!!
P.s. Shaun roll into his sa2 classic