Sequential Pages of mine

Yeah, so none of this really has anything to do with fan art, but I’m kinda bored and thought I might post some work to get some feedback from the people here. Here’s an index of sequential pages that I’ve done, some new, some old. Oldest being about 2 years ago, and newest being a few weeks ago.

Here’s the order I did them, if anyone is curious, starting from the oldest:

Last Race (complete)
Assassin (unfinished, should have been a 5th page)
Beak (complete)
End (complete)
Waking Up:1-pg version (complete)
Waking Up:2-pg version (complete)
Fav Band (complete)
Cemetery (beginning only)
Littlest Batman (small excerpt from a larger script)

Any comments and criticisms are welcome and appreciated.


some funny shit. I like how you use the scad dorms for reference. i dont like any of them but at least your still drawing.

Wow nice stuff! Sorry Sweet but he one up’d ya with these.

I’m glad you guys like/don’t hate them :stuck_out_tongue: I definately wouldn’t say I one up’d Sweet with my work. I have quite a bit of respect for his work and honest (if sometimes a bit harsh) critiques. Haha, I’ll take his lack of insults as a compliment. :slight_smile:

Some nice work. Although I spot some flow issues, along with your tendencies to stylistically hop about (understandably, due to the nature of the assignments), I’m impressed. I’ll save the in-depth crit considering you’re not going to revisit any of the pieces I’d comment on.

Bias is fun. I don’t think he “one-upped Sweet” - I really enjoyed the work Sweet posted here, and respect him as such, and find it redundant to crown one artist over another.