Sequentials are coming!


but in the meantime here’s a panel my upcoming 4-5 page story i’ve been working on. just me getting some sequentials under my belt. it’s a horror story. anyhow, this panel’s pretty much finished, just need to add a crack in the window where the blood is.

let me know.


not bad, the guy reminds me of Chris Redfield for some reason


i thought it WAS chris. anyways, awesome job on the shirt folds!!!


dang, that joint is hot


SHHHHH! DAMMIT! you guys noticed that chris redfield thing too eh? i wanted him to be just a generic cop, but no matter how many times i redrew him he still looked like chris.

thanks guys. it might take me awhile, but i’ll post the whole sequential once i get it done.


Looks really good, can’t wait to see the finished work.
and yeah, Chris Redfield came to mind 1st thing :slight_smile:


facial hair is your friend

its easy to apply, and it adds a whole new level of wisenesss or badass (depends on how much hair) on the character.