"Sereg Family" Comic Book

Hi there,
I was playing Sword 2 (Sword of the new world http://www.swordofthenewworld.com) and i saw how cool the positions of the characters are. So this idea popped-up :

To create a comic book.

So i started to take screenshots in the game. The story quickly came into my mind and in that night i took approximately 70 screenshots.

I managed to do an intro of the upcoming series. I posted it on youtube , so please subscribe to see the other episodes.
The next episode will be ready tomorrow(i hope).
I’m not an expert , it’s the first time i try something like that and i really enjoy it.I hope my work will improve after some time and make some real comic books.I’m not a drawer but i can easily make up a story, actually they just pup-up and that’s why i’m using “Sword’s 2” screenshots.

Maybe you’ll ask yourselves why i put “Sereg” as my family name . Well , i am a fan of Tolkien’s books and there’s a flower named Seregon (Stone Blood in elvish) , so i chose Sereg as a derivation.

Intro Link:[media=youtube]h00edfDazIU[/media] (watch in HD) .Please rate and subscribe . Don’t forget it’s just an intro :stuck_out_tongue:


…btw , i made a grammatical mistake “tunned”->“tuned” . Sorry for this , but english isn’t my main language. Thank you for understanding.


Phew! I managed to finish the first episode , [media=youtube]qwxpk_vEd-4"[/media]:hitit:

Don’t forget to subscribe for the next episode : Memories.:rolleyes: