Series maiming sequels

When a series puts out a shitty sequel, people can still appreciate the earlier installment(s). But is there anything where the sequel was so bad, you can’t even enjoy earlier installments like you used to?

Nip/Tuck was almost the worst show ever for its last few seasons*, but I still loved seasons 1 & 2. Or so I thought. I re-watched them recently. Without the rest of the seasons, they would hold up. But now that I know how things would get so ludicrous, I can’t watch. I can’t see reasonable, sympathetic patients in season 2 knowing season whatever had a guy who fucks couches. And that Couch Fucker isn’t the craziest patient by far. I can’t watch Matt be a decent human being in seasons 1-2 knowing he’s going to commit robberies dressed as a mime later.

*Unless you’re into guilty pleasures. Then it will never be matched.

This is the first time this happened to me though. No matter how bad something got, the suck stayed self-contained. This is the first time it blew the doors off the rest of the series. What about you?


Did that show get really bad? I remember watching the first season and thinking it had potential.

As far as tv series go, a lot of them fuck up around the time of the third season.

As far as games go, KOF XII should not have been released as it was, while KOF XIII was pretty good, XII damaged the brand worst then AOF3 did.

after they go to panama the show sucks IMO

2nd half of season 3 in The Walking Dead sucked. I’ve been more disappointed by game series over time than TV shows.

Final Fantasy series past X
Killzone 3
Quake 4
Wolfenstein(though modern Wolfenstein had a great campaign, its multiplayer aspect was horrible compared to Quake 3-engine based Wolfenstein.)
Modern Medal of Honor

I can go on, but I’m going to eat instead.

A fun game is a fun game no sequel no matter how shitty can take that fun you had with the previous game away. Anyways we have a TV thread so lets stick to talking about games, also lets avoid fighting games otherwise this thread will devolve into #Crapcom.

Oh what am I talking about this thread is doomed to turn into an RE6, ME3, COD MW3, and SH, hate fest (I havent played any of them so I can’t comment)

i hope we can all agree these lowered the bar:

DmC and DMC 2
All Mega Mans after X4
All Sonics after S&K
All Turoks after 2
All FF’s after 10
Perfect Dark Zero everyone who bought a 360 near launch remembers how mislead they were
Crackdown 2

FUCK! Another list thread.

In terms of killing franchises:

Transporter 3
Taken 2
Halloween: Busta Bust

Twisted Metal 3?

Was there one for Crash Bandicoot? Just seemed like they stopped making em.

Movies: Superman III, Batman & Robin, Robocop 3, Highlander 2: The Quickening, Weekend At Bernies 2 [don’t ask. It was a sequel to a already mediocre movie]

games: Megaman 8, Megaman X4 [Some may disagree with this, but this where I feel the series took a downward spiral], Mortal Kombat 4

This thread is a new installment that retroactively makes the previous ones worse.

It’s meta, you see.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Goddammit.

Smallville started to suck once they did that season with Lana’s relative being a witch.

Saw went to shit with the 4th movie. Bounced back with the 6th only to suck again with the final movie.

Twin Peaks second season and movie

Second season I’ll give you, but movie was hot.

Threads like this are great for picking out the people who only skim what they read.

Mass Effect 3. Made me regret wasting my time with the whole trilogy, even going back and trying to play Mass Effect 1 and 2, I just couldn’t do it, because I knew when it got to the end of 3, I would just hate it all over again. And by hate I mean fucking despise. I knew what they had cut from the overall series after reading interviews with Drew Karphyshyn about the Dark Matter elements, and even if the plot was leaked, it still would have been better than that atrocious shit finale Casey Hudson threw together over a weekend. ME2’s utterly retarded main plot had me seriously wondering if they could pull off a trilogy, and it they almost did, until that fucking ending. So horrible, shook my faith in gaming as ever being a solid storytelling medium.
Fuck that whole fucking series, fuck Bioware for that matter

It’s hard to regard The Matrix the same way after its sequels came out. The original is still a great movie, but its legacy was tainted.

I also enjoyed the OP seemingly misunderstanding the premise of the very thread he created, citing seasons of a series as an example.

Yeah, I only watched Reloaded for the fight scenes. I don’t acknowledge the existence of this film named “Revolutions”.