Series of Breakthroughs

What were some of your breakthroughs while playing fighting games?

I know back in 1996, I consciously executed my first Shoryuken motion while playing as Andy Bogard in KOF 95.

When I pulled off my first successful cancel while being conscious of what I was doing. I owe it all to Gamepro’s SFII Turbo Strategy Guide.

Nice avatar btw. Used the watch the show when I was a kid.

To this day, I still can’t block crossups.

ya pretty much all my breakthroughs as far as 2d goes was like the first 2-3 weeks of HDR being out. Too many to list. I always enjoyed playin 2d games but like now that i look back i really had no clue what was going on.

Learning to throw to win.

Basically, that throwing isnt cheap, and that very few things, if anything, are cheap at all

Learning to block the J.HK C.HK Ken combo.

When I played in my first real tournament, the subconscious vs conscious decisions and actions while playing in a match and noticing, realizing, and adjusting to things going on for the first time and caring about what I was doing instead of throwing out random and hp srk’s. then i…


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This thread broke through the cold, unfeeling shell I’ve tried so hard to maintain between myself and the outside world… and found my heart. This thread is why I feel again.

Last fighting game I played a lot was Tekken 3, not high level or anything but I could pull off the long combos pretty consistently, I was only 9 though and playing on a PS1 pad! Didn’t know anything about the fighting game scene back then either.

Recently I would say being able to consistently FADC and getting used to tick throws/anticipating them.

When I stopped playing like a scrub an actually got a handle on the mind set…

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Where I from we really didn’t have a tourney scene, we just played until someone took you off and to back of the line you go. My breakthrough came when I was playing Marvel vs Street Fighter. I played against better opponents, after watching a few rounds, I got my chance and people called me a scrub because I could not do air combos. I began to pull off combos on the ground and figured out the tag system used the counter system to its fullest. I gave them a run they did not believe what I was doing. Everybody was playing to win, I was playing to have fun.

Breakthrough was learning to not use Guile in SF2. (there was life outside of charging for 3 seconds?!?!)

another breakthrough was doing the ‘invisible throw’ and also when i found out you can turn off the arcade machines while playing Guile :wink:

i miss 1991

Check my first post :rofl:

there is a breakthrough every time i start yelling and throwing beer cans at the television

It’d be a tie between learning how to crossup and how to cancel.

Mostlikely my next breakthrough will be FADC… someday…

Ahah, I totally missed that! I scrolled back up and read it and I


I have been playing fighting games for a hundred years, played and placed in major tourneys, and thought I knew a little bit about how to play.

Since HDR I’ve been exposed to so many more styles of play and played so many more people that my skills have improved more in the last 4 months than the last 4 years. After getting to that next level it’s like I’m a beginner all over again.

I can actually watch match vids and understand and learn from them now.:rofl:

when i learned how to charge partition while playing as Q in 3S. when i realized that i can now do it i switched to remy to make sure my revelation wasn’t a fluke. :lol: