Series or games with the hardest combo inputs?

Sorry if this thread has been made before but I was wondering what game or series the SRK community finds the hardest to do consistent combos in? And how do other fellow fighting games such as KOF, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Tekken, Soul Calibur, MvC series compare to the combo consistency and input to say, the SF series…

I’m asking because I’m getting more into fighting games and I hope to pick up more series as they are released (I plan on getting Skullgirls & SF X Tekken and possibly KOF) but I wonder about the combo input…how hard are they compared to the traditional SF? (or at least SFIV, with it’s 1 & 2 framers headaches)

Also what FG would you consider the easiest as far as combos are concerned?

Classical guitar, probably.

almost everything in the genre is easier, more versatile, and safer to try than sf4 links.

I lol’ed! :rofl:

I think difficulty of combo inputs has more to do with the timing required to get them being retarded more than the moves being difficult to do but that’s just one man’s opinion. In that case SF4 might be the winner.

SF4 has this weird middle ground where move inputs are easy (thanks to shortcuts) by combo/link timing is hard due to the reliance on 1-frame links.

This is quite hard to argue, as there are characters with basic and effective combos while others demand links. For instance, Fierce-Fierce-Hadouken is easier than Gief’s Splash-Strong-Short-RH which is easier than Dictator’s ToD, which is easier than Dee Jay’s ToD. In CPS-1 SF2, CPS-1 chain combos are easier than some links, but harder than others. Alpha 1 is knows for the baby-zone combo system, but not all characters use the chains. Alpha 2 enters with or without CCs? Will Super 2 consider the (mostly not-needed) 1 frame links? Alpha 3 has so much BS I haven’t tried to include it.

[]Alpha 2 CCs
]Alpha 1/any Fatal Fury after 2 Special (Real Bout and stuff)
[]3rd Strike
[]S2 (no more CPS-1 chains, so you had to link or use short combos)
]HF (speed, basically)
[]Fatal Fury Special (mostly links, but not that hard)
]Fatal Fury 2
The ones who played FF2 know why it is hard, LOL.

Before people whine, I haven’t played Marvel 2.

wow no Jojo bizarre adventure…maybe I’m crazy.

Marvel 2 only gets hard once you start moving on to higher level stuff.

Heard GG has very hard execution.

In terms of input dificulty, ignoring timing dificulty, F/UC is the hardest. Fucking TK cancel everything, goddammit why are archer, gilgamesh, luvia and rider so goddamn hard, fucking FUC.

This x1000

Though characters like H-Kohaku from MBAA and higher level combo’s in GG and MvC2 deserve some mention. Be honest FUC and H-Kohaku in MBAA are the only games/characters I’ve ever wanted to throw my stick at because shit’s so frustratingly difficult.

For me, it’s either ST or 3S.

Makoto 100% combos are hard. :frowning:

There are hard things in Guilty Gear if you want to take it there, but it’s difficult in a completely different way than SF4. It’s definitely not impossibly hard like some people like to make out out to be. Basic combos are just a bunch of cancels, and the average FRC window, iirc, is 3 frames, though there are some shorter and longer ones.


Jojo and Garou…
I couldn’t even get EASY bnb combos down in those games.

There’s a bunch of shit in MBAC that I couldn’t get down… Haven’t played that game in about 4 years though.

How about Soul Calibur or Tekken guys?

Nope. Execution for combos is easy as shit in those games.

I’m not sure about the NEWER Tekken stuff… but the only thing that’s hard IMHO is EWGF and you should have it at least once in the first 3 times you attempt it EVER.
SC… Uhh… NOT telegraphing Ivy’s throw is the only thing that I know of that’s hard.

The game with the easiest combos to me is mvc3, I’ve never had to actually hit up training mode to do anything in that game, all the windows are giant, there tons of hitstun, and none of the inputs are hard. The only marginally difficult character is doom, with his airdash cancel relaunch loops.

But I can also see arguements for tekken, soul calibur, or meltyblood.

GG has a lot of grey area so you can settle with a pretty easy 60 dmg combo rather than the super hard position/character specific 65 dmg combo and still be competitive. And while slayer and ino are hard, the rest of the cast is way easier.
While in SF4 either you learn to pull off your jab/short link combos, or you are stuck with a jab jab jab that gets you no where. There’s no middle ground and every character in the cast needs those links.

Another very important aspect is that in GG, like in every other game that is not SF4, if you screw up the combo, you just screw up the combo and lose that free damage. Unless in very specific, rare cases which you can avoid, you can’t actually be punished for screwing up the combo.
But in SF4 when you screw up your links, you’ll eat mashed DPs and ultras and feel like a dumbass.
“do not miss the links. I’ll punish you”